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Students caught stealing from the caf without remorse

Photos and story by Kristina Webb

Maybe you’re craving a snack. Maybe you’re a little low on bread, and need a few slices to make some toast for breakfast. Or maybe you just walked away with blue plastic cup without thinking twice because you’re really low on dishes.

Students have been sneaking food to their rooms from Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Frasier Dining Hall, also known as the “caf,” for years and it might start to influence food prices.

“It does make prices go up,” said Abbie Rosemeyer, Sodexo’s representative on the PBA campus. “We based prices on per usage. It impacts everybody.”

Rosemeyer has seen students steal everything from a piece of fruit to a gallon of milk and even a napkin dispenser.

“We started out [last] semester with 78 [napkin dispensers], and at the end of the semester we had 69,” Rosemeyer said.

Some students feel that they have the right to take a few items away from their visit to the caf.

“The food’s pretty bad,” said sophomore Bryan Heck, a biology and education major that steals food regularly. “The good thing about the caf is you can have as much as you want. I’m paying how much for this food? I can take some extra.”

Heck added that in the past, he has taken everything from milk, bread and bagels back to his dorm room.

Margaret Carty, a Sodexo employee who works in the caf, said that she has had to take food away from students in the past.

“They just shouldn’t take it,” Carty said. “It affects everything in here.”

When students take extra food from the caf, it factors into a formula that weighs the food inventory against the amount of cash and swipes that are used per day, Rosemeyer said. This makes it easier to keep track of how much food is being used.

“If it were up to me, I would not allow the bags,” said Bruce Metrie, front of house supervisor in the caf, referring to the large bags that many students carry. “We provide you meals, not just snacks.” Continue reading

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