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Mahanes sit-in protest update: Protest cancelled

Update: The sit-in protest scheduled to take place tomorrow at 11 a.m. is canceled. Protest organizers released this statement on the Facebook group page regarding the change.

In lieu of and in respect to the wishes of Dr. Mahanes, the protest tomorrow will not be taking place, all members of this group have been notified of the adjusted nature of the events on Tuesday.

The silent sit-in protest was called shortly after a letter sent to university faculty and staff was published on The Bacon that outlined the details of budget cutbacks that would terminated Dr. Ken Mahanes’ position as Vice President of Religious Life.  The Facebook group calling for the protest urged students to wear black, bring signs and invite everyone to a sit-in protest at 11 a.m. on the Rinker Green May 5. During its short lifetime, the group grew to 266 members.

Stay tuned for more breaking updates on the Mahanes protest and other news.

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Undercover Youtube video on what would happen if Rinker went co-ed, a must see

About a week ago, the Beacon was tipped off to a Youtube video made by an anonymous student showing a behind the scenes look as to what would happen if Rinker turned into an all boy’s dormitory hall. For the record, Rinker Hall is not becoming a co-ed dorm, and it never has been for that matter despite the subliminal message of the video.

We sat down with the anonymous creator of the video to find out why he or she made the video and why they don’t think the video has offensive content.

Beacon Blog: Who was responsible for putting the video together and why did they decide to make a video like that?

Video Creator: I just thought it would provide a little humor for students. I was hoping people would see it and laugh a little; which is something that seems to happen so seldom. Where have pranks and practical jokes gone other than on The Bacon?

BB: What kind of message are you trying to send with that movie?

VC: Truly, there is no direct message, other than I think if it happened that Rinker went co-ed it would be overthrowing our only male dorm. It was just a creative spin I thought of, I think PBA students would find it and laugh. Continue reading


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