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Lights, camera, caught: Stoplight cameras pop up near campus

By Eileen Louissaint
Contributing Writer

Think before you speed through the next red light: The traffic paparazzi are watching.

Anna Zetterberg / Asst. Managing Editor

More than half of the U.S. states and many other countries use traffic cameras at intersections to photograph drivers disobeying traffic laws. Public officials insist that their purpose remains to decrease the amount of red light running and prevent accidents.

“The goal is public safety,” said Peter Robbins, West Palm Beach public information officer. “It turns out that in urban areas and in downtown the common cause [of accidents] is red light running.”

A red light violation could cost you $125. Since the introduction of red light cameras to West Palm Beach in November 2009, the city has granted violators a 90-day grace period. This will end on Feb. 21, though, when violators will start getting fines in the mail instead of warnings.

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