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PBA purchases building to house Theatre Department

Palm Beach Atlantic University announced today the purchase of the old Ballet Florida building at 500 Fern St.

PBA paid $1.85 million for the site, which was built in 1949 and is currently the home of Dance Florida Academy, Inc. The building is slated to be used for offices and classrooms. It may also be the home that the Theatre Department has sought since the old building was renovated and reopened as Phase II of the Warren Library.

Check out PBA’s press release here.

For more information, look for Monday’s Beacon.

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Beacon News: First lady honors service volunteers

By Kristina Webb
Managing Editor

“Service is an integral part of higher education in America.”

First lady Michelle Obama spoke these words as she addressed a crowd of more than 500 guests and reporters on Thursday for the Florida Campus Compact fundraiser and awards luncheon hosted by Miami-Dade College.

Obama used her time to promote the benefits of engaging students in community service and integrating community programs into schools’ curriculum.

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Beacon News: President Hardin takes the helm

By Kristina Webb
Managing Editor

On June 30, the Palm Beach Atlantic University Board of Trustees voted unanimously to appoint former Arkansas state senator Lu Hardin to the post of president following the retirement of Dr. David W. Clark last fall. 

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Dr. Ken Mahanes leaving PBA, protest coming to campus

In a letter sent to faculty and staff, PBA President Dr. David W. Clark announced that the position of Vice President of Religious Life, currently filled by Dr. Ken Mahanes, will be dissolved, and divisions under Religious Life will be moved to other departments.

As a result, Mahanes will be leaving PBA.

“With a desire to fulfill the Trustee’s mandate for a balanced budget as we move forward, it has become necessary to creatively explore various solutions to meeting these financial challenges,” Clark wrote. “Sadly, this has required us to leave positions unfilled and to eliminate some positions.”

Mahanes, who was a Southern Baptist pastor for over 30 years before coming to PBA, served as interim president before Clark’s hiring. Mahanes expressed to the Beacon that he is very gracious for his time at PBA.

“I have great love for the university, for the people that are here,” Mahanes said. “I have confidence that God has been very faithful to my wife and myself … and he will lead us in the right direction.”

“Truly, we have been blessed by Dr. Mahanes’ talents, humor and gifted ability to relate to the needs of our students and he will be greatly missed,” Clark said in the letter, which was published early this morning on The Bacon Web site.

A Facebook group has been formed in protest of Mahanes’ departure, and a sit-in has been planned to take place on the Rinker Green on Tuesday, May 5, at 11 a.m. The group encourages students to participate in the sit-in by wearing black and making signs. The Beacon Blog will keep you updated on developments as they occur.


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Beacon News: President Huckabee?

Tyler Schlichter holding up his "I heart Huckabee" t-shirtDuring the question and answer period at a special leadership breakfast held in the Weyenberg center, junior Tyler Mitchell Schlichter asked the question that seemed to be on everyone’s mind.

“I don’t know if you’re aware, but we’re looking for a president,” Schlichter said as he held up a shirt that said, “I heart Huckabee.”

Although Huckabee did not directly reject the idea, he alluded that his busy schedule might not afford him the time.

“If I hang out on this campus much longer I might be tempted to,” Huckabee said. “I’ve got two jobs right now. I don’t know if I could take on another one.”

PBA spokeswoman Becky Peeling responded to the possibility.

“The presidential search process is a confidential process and is not known to anyone outside the committee,” Peeling said.

Others in the university community were heard throughout the day vocalizing the possibility that seems to be growing in popularity with student opinion.

“I think it would be great,” said senior Leny Belran at the idea of Huckabee replacing Dr. David W. Clark when he retires this summer. “I would be open to that, especially if he played bass guitar in chapel.”

“I think PBA should take a serious look at it,” Schlichter said. “They would be foolish to miss out if the door was open.”

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PBA Local sits down with future Student Government president Bethany Williams

Bethany Williams, incoming SG presidentPBA Local staff contributor Eileen Louissant sat down with soon-to-be president of Student Government, junior Bethany Williams, to talk about the future of Student Government and the changes she’d like to make next year. Get the exclusive inside scoop below including fun facts about Williams and why ‘The Weepies’ are really cool right now.

Who: Bethany Williams

Year: Junior

Major: History with a minor in English

Place of Origin: Bermuda

Current residence: Tampa, Florida

PBAL: What kinds of changes will you be making next year as SG President?
Williams: I really want students to see Student Government. Lately, we have been talking about having more fun events while also communicating what is going on with student suggestions. (Williams is referring to the Student Suggestion Box located in the Student Lassiter Center.)

PBAL: What do you think Student Government could have done better this year?
Williams: The main thing is letting people know what we’re doing. We would like to tell students the information we get from administration, on what’s going on at our university and why changes are being made, in a more effective manner.

PBAL: What will SG do to shed more light on what the council is doing on campus?
Williams: I think that communication is most important and unfortunately the student/faculty forums have not worked successfully. For next year, we have bounced around ideas like having random football games or slip and slides. That way when students are passing by and see all the excitement and ask, ‘who is that?’ We can say, ‘Oh, that’s student government.’ And pass out flyers on what is going on at school.

PBAL: What do you believe is your biggest accomplishment?
Williams: Well, last semester I studied at Oxford. That challenged and changed me a lot.

PBAL: How do you feel about working with PBA’s future president next year?
Williams: I’m really excited. Continue reading

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