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The votes are in!

We’ve tallied the votes from our Feb. 8 polls. Here are the results.


It’s just a movie, what’s the big deal?                                                 60%

It makes a valid point about having faith.                                        20%

It’s a mockery of Christianity.                                                               19%

Other: “Russell Crowe is Robin Hood.”                                                1%

(Personally, I’m with the Russell Crowe guy, but what does that have to do with “Legion”?)

Your Favorite Apple Products

MacBook                                         57%

iPhone                                              29%

iMac                                                  14%

Make sure to check back every week for new polls! We want your opinion!

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Poll: Online dating

Check out the three articles in this week’s Beacon about dating, then let us know what you think of online dating. Is it okay? Does the concept strike you as weird?

Sound off on our poll, then leave us a comment and let us know your experience with online dating.

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Poll: Sound off on Legion

With Nick Murray’s article in today’s Beacon, we’d like to hear what you think about the new film ‘Legion.’

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Poll: What is your favorite Apple product?

With the release of the new Apple iPad, the Beacon wants to know: What is your favorite Apple product?

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Live Streaming: Socratic Club presents PBA student code, is it effective? Is it Christian?

We’re really excited about this. Check out our live feed for PBA’s first ever student debate. 

Check it out here

Adam McKinney and Bethany Williams (arguing pro) vs. Allison Sanders and Elain Hodges (arguing con) 

The Socratic Club is a society of students whose goal is to enhance the intellectual environment on the campus of PBA and to promote a sense of collegiality among its members. The Club invokes the spirit of Socrates, following the argument wherever it may lead.

Q&A portion of the debate is heating up! Send us your comments at pbalocal@gmail.com


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