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Flowers, candy, date … demolition?

The hurricane-ravaged condo tower at 1515 South Flagler Dr. tumbled to the ground this morning, and all eyes at Palm Beach Atlantic University looked to the south.

With so many photographers around campus documenting the event, we’re proud to bring you some awesome shots of today’s demolition.

If you have photos you would like to share, e-mail them to beacon@pba.edu or leave us a comment with a link to an online photo album!

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Sailfish Sunday called a success

Sailfish Sunday is being called a success by the Athletic Department. These pictures, taken by PBA student Kristin Carroll, show the enthusiasm from the West Palm Beach community.

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Missions Emphasis Week kicks off

Missions Emphasis Week is kicking off today with an International Drinkhouse outside of the Frasier Dining Hall, a “Prayer Labyrinth” until 10 p.m. in upstairs Weyenberg and a chance to meet team leaders and get more information tonight in the DeSantis Chapel.

We’ll be posting more information throughout the week, but here are a few shots from today’s International Drinkhouse. Students served beverages from around the world, including mango juice, Indian soda and teas.

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Signs, Signs, Signs: Tax Day TEA rally in downtown WPB

On April 15th, nearly 750 anti-tax rallies took place across the country where crowds of frustrated, mostly conservative protestors gathered to send a message back to Washington D.C. The event paid homage to the historic Boston Tea Party of 1773, and was prompted by Rick Santelli’s rant on CNBC when he called for a “Chicago Tea Party” to protest President Obama’s spending policies. Over 1,000 people crowded downtown West Palm Beach for the TEA party, or Tax Enough Already rally, including several students and plenty of alumni.

Senior Nick Byrd was on the scene and sent us his favorite pictures of the event including shots of some very interesting signs.

Don’t forget to check out the Beacon’s front page article on the rally by Beacon contributing writer Vanessa Naggy at the Beacon homepage.

Also, check out our video of the event below! Questions or comments? Send them to beacon@pba.edu

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Student catches shots of the unexpected near-tornado to hit campus

It felt like the hottest day of the year as students made their way to classes on Tues. March 31. Little did they know that West Palm Beach would be hit with a massive storm, minor flooding and even a tornado warning late that afternoon. The National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm watch and even a tornado warning for the Palm Beach area. Residents were warned to stay inside until approximately 5 p.m. but that didn’t stop junior Rachel Vaudreuil from taking pictures of the storm.

Did you get a picture of the storm? Send us your shots at beacon@pba.edu or pbalocal@gmail.com

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Beacon News: ‘Hucka-believer’ fever hits campus

‘Hucka-believer’ fever hits campus

By: Mitzi Figueroa /  News Editor

Gov. Mike Huckabee addresses a crowd at a luncheon March 25

Gov. Mike Huckabee addresses a crowd at a luncheon March 25

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee urged students to stay informed of the political sphere and to keep an eternal focus in the face of difficult times during his visit to Palm Beach Atlantic University on March 25.

The former Republican presidential nominee stressed the importance of staying true to one’s personal faith and to be “the salt to the earth.”

“The truth is we need a whole generation of young Americans to say, ‘wait, what you guys are doing, you’re doing to my country and my future. Stop,’” Huckabee said during a sit down interview. “I hope that there will be millions of younger Americans who speak up and say that what is taking place right now is unacceptable because it’s really not going to affect me as much as it’s going to affect students.”

Huckabee, a former minister and author of  “Do the Right Thing: Inside the Movement that’s Bringing Common Sense back to America,” was the key speaker for PBA’s fifth annual Ethics & Character Lecture Series that took place at The Breakers Hotel on March 24.

Apart from the lecture, which cost attendees $200 per plate, the former governor spent time with student leaders Wednesday morning and addressed the student body at a special chapel that took place in the Rubin Arena.

Huckabee urged the standing-room-only crowd to not only challenge the political structure but to also change the ethical structure. He finished off the morning with a surprise performance on bass guitar, smoke machines included.

“Overall it was awesome,” said senior Rachel Skinner. “It was very applicable especially for leaders to see his outlook and where he’s been in life, and to know that he’s stayed true to his morals is very encouraging. I agreed with everything he said. And I thought his bass performance was a great way for students to connect with him on another level.”

See after the jump for more never before seen photos of Huckabee’s visit.

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Local Scene: St. Patrick’s Day Coffeehouse in Weyenburg

Student Activities held a special St. Patrick’s Day Coffeehouse complete with free snacks, Starbucks coffee and local bands. A PBA Local contributor was there to snap some pictures of the scene.

Snap some pictures of an event on campus? Send us your shots to pbalocal@gmail.com!

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Found: Christians eat babies?

Found today in the parking lot between Towers and Lakeview:

Says the anonymous source who took the picture: “It looks like this car drove right out of the Dark Ages. And they’re 85% what? Polyester?”

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