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PBA offers new way to reset password

In an attempt to make the process easier, PBA’s Technology Services department is offering a new way to reset passwords. They asked the Beacon Blog to pass this information along to you to enable students to access and change their password from anywhere, on any computer.

1) Go to the password reset homepage.

2) Click “Enroll” and enter the username and password that have been provided to you.

3) Select three different questions.

4) Provide the answers to your questions. Your answers must be at least four characters long and each must contain a capital letter. Your answers are case sensitive.

5) Once registered, you can reset your password by returning to the password reset homepage and clicking “Reset your password.”

6) Provide your username and answer your three questions.

7) Your new password must have eight characters and include a capital letter, a number and a special symbol (such as @, #, $, %). It cannot contain your first or last name, or your social security number. Also, like before, your new password cannot be the same as one you have had in the past.

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