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Found: The sock strikes back

We’ve seen it before: crazy things left on the ground around campus. Perhaps the most notable for followers of the Beacon Blog – and before that, the now-defunct PBA Local – was a sock found on the ground in the Pembroke commuter lot.

The sock was made famous not just by PBA Local, but also by Extra Credit, a blog written by Palm Beach Post contributing writers.

Well folks, the sock is back.

The sock was found today in the walkway between Oceanview and Baxter halls, suspiciously close to the last known location. We think it’s the other half of the pair.

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Local event: BET’s Spring Bling returns to Riviera Beach

Article by staff contributor Jen Herring.

Hotels in Riviera Beach are being booked to capacity as Black Entertainment Television’s annual “Spring Bling” event makes a come back, March 28 to March 29, for its third consecutive year.

The event will feature concerts by some of today’s most popular rap, hip-hop and R&B artists. 106 and Park’s hosts Rocsi and Terrence will be hosting the event.

Although, controversy over whether or not the city council would approve of the proposed agreement by BET is still being talked about. In the end, the city and BET came to an agreement to let the event take place.

Local publications like the South Florida Times stated, “under the proposed agreement, the Palm Beach County Tourist Development Council would give the city a $75,000 grant to offset expenses.”

The television company reportedly is working with the city to ensure the safety of participants. The Palm Beach Post reported that, “the television company has agreed to provide metal detectors at the audience entrance, to provide private security on the site and to ‘make best efforts’ to prohibit drugs and alcohol at the show site.” Continue reading

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Breaking News: Students cautioned to stay clear of Walmart to possible dangerous gang activity

Written by staff contributor Marissa Barkey. Edits made by founding editor Mitzi Figueroa.

The Captain and director of PBA Safety & Security received notice from the West Palm Police department earlier this afternoon regarding suspicions of a possible gang initiation shooting rumored to take place at a nearby Walmart location this evening. Police advised campus security to warn students to steer clear of the area tonight.

Safety and Security did not recieve any further information as to what Walmart location is rumored to be attacked or when the said attack is to take place. Either way, mass text messages have been circulating all over campus since the news first broke.

“Upon hearing the circumstance, security sent an email to Kevin Abel, who took action to have the RA’s and RD’s get the word out to students,” said Kara Luffman of Safety & Security.

Many students received an alert via text message, or heard the word from a classmate this afternoon. Residence Assistant to Oceanview hall, junior Jenny Boyer, received the text warning from a fellow student advising her that, “police are asking all women not to go to Walmart because three women will be shot in the parking lot tonight. This is not a joke. Please forward.”

Despite campus concern, local news sources are confirming the threat to be just a rumor. The Palm Beach Post even goes as far to call the threat to be nothing more than a viral urban legend. Curious students that check the Sun Sentinel can read the claims  that the “warning is a hoax.”

“Even if it is a hoax, students should still steer clear of that area this evening to be safe,” said Luffman.

West Palm Beach police department confirmed to PBA Local editors that they are aware of the threat but they can neither confirm or deny the legitimacy of the rumor. They went on to say that they are prepared to do whatever they need to in the worst case scenario but it remains unknown whether this rumor will evolve into action.

Nonetheless, students should keep in mind that our university will continue to face the same hazards in the communities that surround it.

More information will be updated once it is made known. Got a tip? E-mail us at pbalocal@gmail.com.


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PBA Local gets its second big plug courtesy of the Palm Beach Post

Without publicity efforts of our own, PBA Local has nabbed the attention of the Palm Beach Post. Palm Beach Post education blog, Extra Credit, found PBA Local and names the online publication as the third paper to cover PBAU news, trailing the Beacon student newspaper and the Bacon, its satirical counterpart. PBA Local has only been up for two full days and has already been covered by famed reporter Kimberly Miller. Students might remember her as the reporter who wrote the piece on the Bacon blog last January that appeared on the front page of the Palm Beach Post.

Fellow blogger, PBA alumni Christopher Moody, was quoted in the piece citing our efforts as an “independent attempt to cover school happenings in a breaking news format.”

We’re honored that Miller will be following our blog and we hope readers continue to stay tuned with all of the quality publications.

See the entire post here.


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Blustering winds roll over into Palm Beach

After a sunny weekend, the Palm Beach Post is reporting that Monday morning could feel as low as 30-something degrees in areas. As of 10 a.m. PBA local is sitting at  50 degrees, a nearly 25-degree drop from the day before. The National Weather Service is also reporting that tonight will drop down to a low of 39-40 degrees with winds gusting near 15 mph.

The cold weather pro’s from northern states have broken out jackets and scarves and even jeans. PBA Local wants to know how you keep warm when the weather drops. E-mail us at pbalocal@gmail.com

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