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Student Voice: ‘The Winter’s Tale’

Here’s what students are saying about PBA’s production of Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale” at the Kravis Center.

Courtney Calhoun (Freshman): “I think that it was really good acting. They all seemed very talented especially with few props. I enjoyed that they incorporated the older language with modern language.”

John Lorenz (Senior): “PBA’s theatre department did a superb job portraying a Shakespearean masterpiece, ‘The Winter’s Tale.'”

Tina Weiss (Sophomore): “The acting was well done and powerful. You can tell students really got into their characters.”

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Overheard: It’s not the door

Girl leaving the Warren Library.

Girl: I hate doors I look retarded in when I go through them.


Two girls on the walkway between Baxter and Oceanview.

Girl 1: You know how I know it’s time to shave my legs?

Girl 2: I’m a little afraid to hear this.

Girl 1: I know it’s time when I’m afraid that a small colony of koalas may take up residence there.

Girl 2: Should have followed my instincts on that one.


Guy talking on a cell phone in front of Gregory Hall.

Guy: I’m thinking I might go surfing tomorrow. … No, I haven’t gone before, but everyone else is doing it so I thought I’d give it a shot. … No, Mom, I’m pretty sure I can pick it up. Like I said, everyone is doing it.

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Overheard: Why kill someone you know?

A guy and a girl walking through the Lassiter Student Center.

Girl: I don’t understand. Why would you kill someone you know?

Guy: I guess I just like to live dangerously.


A group of girls sitting in Jazzman’s.

Girl 1: I’m going to go to Core Crunch.

Girl 2: Why? You’re in great shape.

Girl 1: I just feel like I should crunch my core.


A girl on her cell phone walking from Jazzman’s across Olive toward the Rinker Green.

Girl: She didn’t know she should have worn gloves to clean the toilet. I called her a potty novice.

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Submit your ‘Overheard’ comments!

We like to kick each weekend off right, and that means that it’s time for Overheard Fridays.

If you’re walking along and hear something completely absurb, hilarious or just blantantly weird, e-mail it to the Beacon Blog at beacon@pba.edu.

Every Friday, we’ll post the best ones as a way to start off the weekend with a healthy dose of humor. We already have one submission for this week, so keep the great lines coming!

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Happy Weekend: Overheard at PBA, Softball vs. Baseball

Two girls walking out of Desantis family chapel.

Girl #1: What’s the deal with Culture Week? Don’t they think we have enough culture already?

Girl #2: I know! If they would just go into any boys’ dorm room, they would find culture in every sneaker.

From a certain Bible professor, speaking to his class on his claim to fame.

Professor: “I want to be tagged in a story with the phrase ‘rugged good looks’ attached to my name. Then I will know that I have made it; I want to be in the Beacon or even the Bacon for that matter.

*Correction: previously said, “I have rugged good looks that’s now I know I have made it. I know I’ve made it if I make it in the Beacon… or the Bacon for that matter.”*

Two girls working in the Student Publications (the Beacon office) discussing headlines for this week’s issue:

Girl #1: “I have an idea for a headline”

Girl #2: “Really? What is it?

Girl #1: “Well I found it on the internet but here it is: ‘Everyone says that softball and baseball are the same things, but who plays with the bigger balls?’ What do you think?”

Did you overhear a hilarious conversation? Let us know at beacon@pba.edu.


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Happy Weekend: Overheard conversations of the week

Two guys sitting at the “smoker’s bench” talking about why they chose to come to PBA:

Guy #1: I really wanted to go to Harvard but PBA is just as good I guess.”

A local political philosopher teaching on freedom and the  lengths she would go to preserve American freedom.

Professor: “I would as soon die starving on the streets for freedom…I can’t say I’d let my cats starve, that’s another story.”

Got an Overheard conversation you want to share? Let us know at beacon@pba.edu or pbalocal@gmail.com


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Happy Friday: Overheard at PBA

Spring Break has finally arrived and to send you students on your merry way, here are some overheard conversations the staff at PBA Local as compiled through out the week. 

From two girls walking to their car in the Lakeview parking lot

Girl one: “Gasp!”

Girl two: “What’s wrong?”

Girl one: “Oh my gosh! For a second I thought my tail lights were cracked but then I realized, oh no… it’s just bird poop.”

From three girls sitting at the cross walk in front of the library.

Girl one: “Fat girl moment of the day: Today I was going to get up and go for a run but then I just sat on my couch and ate Chex Mix”

Girl two: “Oh my gosh! I did the exact same thing wit pita chips!”

Girl three: “I’m starving. Wanna go to Chipotle?”

Girl one and two in unison: “OK!”

Spring Break Edition:

Two girls walking on S. Olive towards south campus.

Girl 1: “So, are you excited for the cruise?”

Girl 2: “Sort of”

Girl 1: “What’s wrong?”

Girl 2: “I don’t know, sometimes I wish I had rather gotten my teeth bleached instead.”

Got an Overheard conversation you want to share? Let us know at pbalocal@gmail.com

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