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Beacon Opinion: You call yourself a ‘reporter’?

By Jen Herring
Contributing Writer

With the recent outburst of “oh so humble” Kanye West at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards and the brief on-camera dispute between boxers Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Shane Mosley during post-fight interviews, the media have plenty to talk about.

However, during the chaos, it seems reporters have forgotten what their jobs entail. After Saturday night’s fight between Mayweather and the defeated Juan Manuel Marquez, HBO announcer Max Kellerman proved he had no idea what to do when the two boxers began to argue during the interview. Kellerman intentionally provoked Mayweather by asking unrelated questions to “get his attention.”

Mayweather became rattled and responded by saying, “Imma do the talking because you do too much talking.”

After that, it was downhill for Kellerman as he took the hit by Mayweather personally and kept taking every question back to “Floyd’s behavior.”  After his drawn-out rant, the viewers were still left with unanswered questions as to how Mayweather defeated his opponent from the words of Mayweather himself. In other words, Kellerman couldn’t have cared less about what viewers wanted to hear. Oh, what’s that called again …reporting? Thank you HBO for that in-depth coverage.

As for Taylor Swift, she finally had the opportunity to speak about the interruption by Kanye West during a series of television and radio interviews. As I was driving home this weekend, one particular radio station caught my attention.

Kiss 95.1 radio host “MJ” decided to push the envelope by continuing to ask Swift about the West incident. Swift spoke briefly, stating she was “focusing on the outpouring of love” and the people “who had her back.” She also said she wanted to “move on” and not discuss it; MJ continued to ask questions about it.

Swift got so upset she stepped away from the phone. Not only did he kill the chance to ask her other questions about her career or life, but he also broke ties with her completely. Will she ever speak with Kiss 95.1 again? Probably not.

I’m not sure when reporters decided to state their opinion and not give the facts, but let’s hope it ends soon.

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