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Founders Day Chapel round-up

"Because We Know," dedicated to Dr. David W. Clark in honor of his retirementYeah we’re a little late on this one but Palm Beach Atlantic University’s annual Founder’s Day Chapel, the only chapel credit offered for the week, took place this Tuesday in a packed auditorium at First Baptist Church. Dr. David W. Clark spoke at the event was introduced by founding president Dr. Jess Moody. Clark emphasized the importance of a Christian institution staying true to the Gospel, the only thing that has the power to change and transform lives.

The key for a Christian university to stay Christian is to, “keep the gospel,” according to Clark. 

Both Clark and Moody who were presented with engraved brick plaques taken from the old library, a building that also used to be the home of First Baptist Church and was lovingly referred to as the first building on campus. 

The event not only served as Clark’s unofficial final address to students before his retirement in June, but also commemorated the university’s 40th anniversary. Nearly 500 students, alumni and guests came to the special chapel event and closed with a special hymn that was written and dedicated in Clark’s honor entitled, “Because We Know.” (Lyrics will follow this post.)

A key announcement was also made regarding a future construction project set to come to campus at some point in the future. According to Moody’s announcer, a statue of Jess Moody, the founding president of the university, is set to come to a “prominent position on campus.” No word yet on when or where the statue is planned to be built but you can bet that the Beacon staff is keeping a close eye on this development. More details will come when they are known. Continue reading

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