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Local event: BET’s Spring Bling returns to Riviera Beach

Article by staff contributor Jen Herring.

Hotels in Riviera Beach are being booked to capacity as Black Entertainment Television’s annual “Spring Bling” event makes a come back, March 28 to March 29, for its third consecutive year.

The event will feature concerts by some of today’s most popular rap, hip-hop and R&B artists. 106 and Park’s hosts Rocsi and Terrence will be hosting the event.

Although, controversy over whether or not the city council would approve of the proposed agreement by BET is still being talked about. In the end, the city and BET came to an agreement to let the event take place.

Local publications like the South Florida Times stated, “under the proposed agreement, the Palm Beach County Tourist Development Council would give the city a $75,000 grant to offset expenses.”

The television company reportedly is working with the city to ensure the safety of participants. The Palm Beach Post reported that, “the television company has agreed to provide metal detectors at the audience entrance, to provide private security on the site and to ‘make best efforts’ to prohibit drugs and alcohol at the show site.” Continue reading

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Live Streaming: Socratic Club presents PBA student code, is it effective? Is it Christian?

We’re really excited about this. Check out our live feed for PBA’s first ever student debate. 

Check it out here

Adam McKinney and Bethany Williams (arguing pro) vs. Allison Sanders and Elain Hodges (arguing con) 

The Socratic Club is a society of students whose goal is to enhance the intellectual environment on the campus of PBA and to promote a sense of collegiality among its members. The Club invokes the spirit of Socrates, following the argument wherever it may lead.

Q&A portion of the debate is heating up! Send us your comments at pbalocal@gmail.com


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PBA Local scoop on Spring Formal: an interview with Jessica Twiest

PBA Local reporter Kristina Webb was able to get the full scoop on the upcoming Spring Formal event from Jessica Twiest, Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Leadership. For more information, students can contact Student Activities: (561) 803-2561. Send any questions or comments to pbalocal@gmail.com

KW: What is the basic info on Spring Formal?

JT: Spring Formal is Saturday, April 18, 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. at Ironhorse Country Club.

KW: What led you to choose Ironhorse Country Club as the venue?

JT: The location was chosen because it is reasonably priced but also because it is very pretty, with lots of space to sit, eat and dance.

KW: How was the theme chosen?

JT: We chose this based on the feel of the club and what we thought would be interesting. It was voted on by [the entire] student activities team.

KW: Are you encouraging students to dress up with the theme?

JT: Not really, we want it to be a formal event, not something that you would wear a tux for but more formal than khakis and a button down; maybe throw in a tie or a nice suit.

KW: I saw your golf cart! How effective has that been in spreading the word about Spring Formal?

JT: We are really excited about that. We are really trying to find creative ways to get the word out; this is one of them! People give us crazy looks but at least they remember us!

Follow the jump to find out more including info on a ticket price jump and what kind of food they’ll be offering this year.

Continue reading

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Local events: Miami Fashion week opens today

Written by Staff contributor Jen Herring.

The newest international clothing designs can be seen from March 19 through March 22 at SOHO Studios in Miami’s Wynwood Art District. The week includes eclectic food, music, models and 60 designers.

Many Latin celebrities are expected to attend the fashion event such as Grammy Award winning singer Albita, Miss Espana 2006, singer Ricardo Montaner and many others. Other recognizable names include Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza and Miss USA Crystle Stewart.

“Also joining the 2009 line-up is special guest designer Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, whose exuberant, brightly colored creations garnered her the 2004 fashion Oscar in Italy as best foreign designer,” according to miamifashionweek.com.

As a MFW custom, concluding the night with the Miami Moda and Music Awards® is a must, and will feature global recording artists. Award presenters include Vincent de Paul from the movie “Poseidon,” and Angelica Celaya from the original cast of “Hairspray,” just to name a few.

Top media reps expected to attend are CNN, Miami Herald, The New York Times Magazine, Vogue France and many others. Hmmm…do you think they forgot to put PBALocal on the list? Maybe next year!

The International Culinary Arts Pavillion was recently added to the event’s line up as well. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy foods from around the world, inspired by the diverse cultures of the fashion week designers. Want to indulge in cuisine created by Miami’s top chefs? Tickets are $20 at the door for the Culinary Arts Pavillion.
Dj Irie will be kicking off the 11th annual Miami Fashion Week (MFW) at club Mansion tonight, which features collections by Pascal Joel Weber, Mariano Lumbi and Glavidia Alexis.
Attendees can get tickets for $25 per fashion show and can be purchased at http://www.miamifashionweek.com/tickets.

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Coming soon to campus: Debate over PBA Student Moral Code

PBA’s Socratic Club will be hosting a debate, March March 23 at 7:30 p.m. over the Student Code; Is it effective? Is it Christian? Debaters will be addressing the student rules as defined by the Navigator and whether these rules are effective and Biblically supported.

Current Student Government president Adam McKinney and future Student Government president Bethany Williams will be arguing the pro. Students Allison Sanders and Elaine Hodges will be arguing the con.

The event will take place in Gregory Hall rooms 114 & 115.

Sidenote: Bethany Williams will be announced this week as the only candidate for president of Student Government for next term. Current president Adam McKinney will be stepping down and making way for the new Student Goverment administration. Voting will take place all throughout next week. More details to come as they are announced.

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Local Events UPDATED: New concerts announced in the Area

Check out the newly updated “Local Events” section to buy tickets for shows in the area. New concert dates announced for artists such as New Kids on the Block, Fall Out Boy, Nickelback, Ray Lamontagne, No Doubt, Chris Tomlin, Dave Matthews Band and more!

Going to a show we haven’t posted? Let us know at pbalocal@gmail.com

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Trend Alert: I give you TOMS, coming to campus soon

TOMS shoesPBA Local contributor Eileen Louissaint is the Spring Intern for the TOMS shoe company.

By Eileen Louissaint

Three  TOMS Shoes representatives will be on the Palm Beach Atlantic University campus Fri. March 6 to show the TOMS shoes documentary and host a “Style Your Sole” party where participants can design their own TOMS shoes.

The representatives, or “Vegabonds,” will be showing the documentary, “For Tomorrow,” in the Weyenberg Center at 11 a.m. The film is a behind the scenes peak at the TOMS shoes brand and will include the story of its history, its mission, and provide a visual of how TOMS is planning to impact the world. The “Style Your Sole” party will be immediately following the screening.

But I know you must be asking, “What is TOMS?”

TOMS Shoes is a non-profit company that provides a pair of shoes to a child in need through the purchase of one pair. In TOMS terms, “One for One.”

Blake Wycoskie first began the organization in May 2006 after a trip to Argentina. Wycoskie was struck by the poverty in the region and the  health issues that were burdening the lives of the children. He wanted to make a better TOMorrow and recreated the traditional Argentinean workmen shoe, the “alpargata,” for the U.S. market. Continue reading


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