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Beacon News: Palm Beach Mall closes after 42 years

By Kristina Webb
Copy Editor

The Palm Beach Mall opened in 1967 as the largest indoor mall in the Southeast. At the intersection of Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard and Interstate 95, it had a perfect position in a central location.

Today, however, a walk through the mall would tell you the sad tale of one of Palm Beach County’s first landmarks that once enjoyed visits from the rich and famous — and how the economy finally brought it to its knees.

Photo by Kristina Webb / Copy Editor

The Palm Beach Mall stands empty, closed for good on Jan. 31. The only stores remaining are JC Penney and George’s Music, both of which have large, outdoor storefronts and long-term leases.

For local residents, this has been a long time coming.

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Beacon News: Job search tough for international students

By Jocelyn Martinez
Contributing Writer

Palm Beach Atlantic University has a total of 104 international students enrolled this fall, of which 20 to 25 percent work on-campus jobs. Several of our international students are athletes who receive support through athletic scholarships.

However, many international students have had difficulty finding sources of income due to tough government regulation.

According to regulations from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, international students may work up to 20 hours a week while school is in session and up to 40 hours a week during breaks.

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Beacon reviews New York Fashion Week

This article originally appeared in The Beacon student newspaper on March 2, 2009.

By Jen Herring and Marissa Barkey

Editor’s Note: Contributing writer Marissa Barkey attended this year’s Fashion Week allowing her to give her firsthand report.

Thrifty fashion has hit the “Big Apple.”  This year’s Fashion Week arrived on a budget. The economy being in recession, it was natural to expect a toned down Fashion Week this spring. Fewer designers showed fewer outfits, fewer models on the catwalks and fewer lavish parties. Several of the biggest “fashionistas” were thrown into a bit of a  financial crisis.

Michelle Obama made a statement by being a “no-show” a Fashion Week, despite the presence of her newly endorsed designers, Jason Wu (inauguration ball gown) and Narcisco Rodriguez (election night dress).  The first lady chose not to attend fashion shows because some people can’t even afford to shop for clothes at Target, let alone a $20,000 gown. Instead, she chose to stay home with her children at the White House and celebrate Black History Month. She also made plans to speak on issues  that matter more to people than fashion.

Photo by Marcio Madeira via Style.com

Photo by Marcio Madeira via Style.com

The New York Fashion Show
After years of fashion shows around the world, New York holds the title of being the fashion center of the world by bringing together local and global designers from around the globe.

Some of the fall 2009 collections show that downsizing is the trend this season on and off the runway. There are a lot of tight leather pants on the horizon and leggings with little “witch booties.” There has also been a mature look on New York’s fashion runways this season: pencil skirts skim the knee, blouses aren’t transparent, and coats and jackets have understated details that convey the working man or woman. Continue reading

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Beacon Features: Students beware of online scams while job searching

This article first appeared in The Beacon student newspaper on March 2, 2009.

By Eileen Louissant

As Palm Beach Atlantic University students work toward their dream career, they struggle to find the “perfect” job in the meantime. With a broader horizon for job hunting, finding oneself on the Internet diving deep into endless lists of jobs may be the only way of satisfying hope to actually finding a job.

There is a new concern that has students worrying.

“I think a student should always be cautious when searching for work online,” said Sara Nicastro, career counselor at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Continue reading

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Beacon News: Economy spikes rise in military enlistment

This article first appeared in The Beacon student newspaper on March 3, 2009.

By Katie Schnack

Military recruitment rates are up and some think the increase is due to the unstable economy.  With a 7.6 percent national unemployment rate, the highest rate in decades, more and more people are turning to the military for job security and financial assistance.

According to the Department of Defense, all United States military services and reserve components met or exceeded their recruitment needs for January 2009. The Marine Corps Reserve surpassed its goal of 567 enlistees by 55 percent.

Sergeant Ben Carmen, a local National Guard recruitment officer, acknowledges the ties between the economy and the recent jump in military enrollment rates.

“I’ve had people say the economy is a motivator,” Carmen said. “It’s a secure job.  Job security is a big deal. People are getting laid off.”

The increase in enlistment rate has not only brought more names to roster lists but has also allotted military personnel the luxury of competitive entrance. Since many people are trying to get into the       military, recruiters can now focus on quality instead of quantity when selecting who is  admitted, Carmen said.

“We get tons of people coming into my office or calling, so recruitment isn’t an issue any more; it’s qualification,” Carmen said.

As the new Reserve Officers’ Training Corps kicks off its first year at Palm Beach Atlantic University, students enrolled are committed to eight years of military service after university graduation in exchange for free tuition and other financial perks. Continue reading

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Local news interviews students on failing economy

News Channel 12 interviews senior students and staff on how to enter the work field in the midst of the highest unemployment rate in decades. Senior Stephanie Wilson spoke to reporters on the job selection process after she graduates.

“I need to get a job. I took out student loans for my education,” Wilson said.

School career counselor Sarah Nicastro also spoke to reporters about resume tips and how volunteering could expand your networking base.

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