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Happy Weekend: Overheard at PBA, Softball vs. Baseball

Two girls walking out of Desantis family chapel.

Girl #1: What’s the deal with Culture Week? Don’t they think we have enough culture already?

Girl #2: I know! If they would just go into any boys’ dorm room, they would find culture in every sneaker.

From a certain Bible professor, speaking to his class on his claim to fame.

Professor: “I want to be tagged in a story with the phrase ‘rugged good looks’ attached to my name. Then I will know that I have made it; I want to be in the Beacon or even the Bacon for that matter.

*Correction: previously said, “I have rugged good looks that’s now I know I have made it. I know I’ve made it if I make it in the Beacon… or the Bacon for that matter.”*

Two girls working in the Student Publications (the Beacon office) discussing headlines for this week’s issue:

Girl #1: “I have an idea for a headline”

Girl #2: “Really? What is it?

Girl #1: “Well I found it on the internet but here it is: ‘Everyone says that softball and baseball are the same things, but who plays with the bigger balls?’ What do you think?”

Did you overhear a hilarious conversation? Let us know at beacon@pba.edu.


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Sailfish Sports Weekly Update

Baseball: (via)

March 10/09  Florida Memorial 9, Palm Beach Atlantic 4

March 11/09  Tampa 10, Palm Beach Atlantic 4

March 12/09  Felician University 15, Palm Beach Atlantic 4

Men’s Basketball: (via)

March 10/09  Chowan University 81, Palm Beach Atlantic 72

Women’s Softball: (via)

March 10/09  Palm Beach Atlantic 2, St. Cloud State U. 1

March 10/09  LeMoyne University 1, Palm Beach Atlantic 0

March 11/09  Palm Beach Atlantic 1, Northern Kentucky 0

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Sailfish Sports weekly Update

Baseball: (Via)

Feb. 25/09  Barry University 12, Palm Beach Atlantic 6

Feb. 27/09  Eckerd College 13, Palm Beach Atlantic 12

Feb. 28/09  Eckerd College 14, Palm Beach Atlantic 7

Feb. 28/09  Palm Beach Atlantic 8, Eckerd College 5 Continue reading

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