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PBA Local gets its second big plug courtesy of the Palm Beach Post

Without publicity efforts of our own, PBA Local has nabbed the attention of the Palm Beach Post. Palm Beach Post education blog, Extra Credit, found PBA Local and names the online publication as the third paper to cover PBAU news, trailing the Beacon student newspaper and the Bacon, its satirical counterpart. PBA Local has only been up for two full days and has already been covered by famed reporter Kimberly Miller. Students might remember her as the reporter who wrote the piece on the Bacon blog last January that appeared on the front page of the Palm Beach Post.

Fellow blogger, PBA alumni Christopher Moody, was quoted in the piece citing our efforts as an “independent attempt to cover school happenings in a breaking news format.”

We’re honored that Miller will be following our blog and we hope readers continue to stay tuned with all of the quality publications.

See the entire post here.


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