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Beacon Sports: AFC once again NFL’s strongest conference

By Clint Longenecker
Contributing Writer

This week’s preview is the first of two installments that will first give a rundown for the American Football Conference, followed by next week’s National Football Conference preview.

America’s favorite sport is back and bigger than ever this fall with the return of the National Football League to millions of televisions across the country on Sunday, Monday and Thursday.

Just five months from now, the AFC will send their representative to battle with the NFC’s top team in Super Bowl 44. So sit back, grab the popcorn and enjoy the best sports action around.

During the past decade, the AFC has been professional football’s dominant conference, winning nine out of 12 Super Bowls. That trend continued last year as the Pittsburgh Steelers captured their record sixth Super Bowl victory over the Arizona Cardinals.

This year looks to be no exception as six of the top nine teams, including the top three, from preseason odds in Las Vegas reside in the AFC. The AFC boasts many traditional powers that will try to continue their reign in 2009.
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