We’ve chosen our new look! Pick up a copy of the Beacon, on newsstands around PBA now.

Since we’re still working on expanding our content, we would like as much input as possible.

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6 responses to “Feedback

  1. Chris

    You guys need a movie review column.

  2. Javier Capo

    I like the heading design on the Nov. 16 issue but I like the article layout of the Nov. 9 issue. Maybe you can put them together. I think that would great. However, if I had to pick one I would say it’s the Nov. 16 issue.

  3. Mildly Anonymous

    Nov 9 edition looks best:

    11/9 has best contrast (and colors for that matter, compared to 11/16) with a bolder typeface that is suitable for a header. The layout is best in this edition as well.

    “The Beacon” on 11/16 looks poorly executed and lacks creativity.

    The body copy font from 11/23 is not meant for a newspaper unless it is a larger size (which then renders the font useless).

  4. Stephanie

    It would be awesome if the beacon had a few comics… The movie review column also sounds good.

  5. Theresa

    It would be awesome if the Beacon would display the writing student’s poetry or pieces of work for further request. This would get them some recognition and they can put it on their resumes when applying for more publishing. Also, it would give others a chance to relate to other students through their writings. A question and comment section on your site, for about the author’s writings, would help even further and ad depth to the space.

  6. Dr. G

    I like the idea of having the daily weather and the TOC on the front page. Nov. 23 didn’t have that.

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