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Cool Alert: New amphibious car

Riding on the waves of the retro favorite and completely unique creation of the 1960s, the Amphicar, WaterCar has released its own amphibious car: the Python.

Billed as “the world’s fastest, highest performing amphibious vehicle ever designed and built,” the Python is available in several colors and with several different variations of General Motors’ LS series engine — including the ultra-powerful engine found in the Corvette ZR1.

The interior of the car is entirely waterproof, with gauges to take you from the street to the lake.

If you’re thinking of buying one on a student’s budget, think again: a fully-customized Python runs at about $200,000.

For more information on WaterCar and the Python, visit the WaterCar Web site or check out this article on the HowStuffWorks blog.

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Finals make you want to jump off a bridge?

Sure, finals are stressful and they can make you want to pull out your hair. But we were down right shocked to see this video of a group of freshman jump off Okeechobee bridge.

Thankfully, no one got hurt doing the stunt but the group was sternly reprimanded by police.

Oh and for the record, maybe the stunt wasn’t the smartest thing to do but the group did share a prayer before anyone took the leap off the bridge. 

* The Beacon newspaper does not encourage dangerous behavior* 


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Happy April Fools, Introducing the ‘Sea Kitten’

The following stories are part of the special April Fools edition of the Beacon newspaper. Beacon staff members, along with our friends at the Bacon, put together a special issue of the Beacon newspaper titled, “The Sea Kitten.” Wondering where the name came from? This February, the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) contacted PBA,  suggesting the university ditch its mascot “Sailfish Jack” for a friendlier made up animal, a “Sea Kitten.” Dr. Clark made it clear to students that week that the university has no intention of changing its mascot. Check out the Beacon article here or the Palm Beach Post’s article here.

Questions or comments? Send them to or

Fighting SquirrelsAnimal Fight Club at Campus /By: Twitter Thug

Palm Beach Atlantic University has unveiled a fight club operating in the underworld community of students. However, this is no ordinary fight club with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton; this fight club consists of doped-up lab rats, thuggish campus lizards and lightsaber-fighting squirrels.

Supposedly, the lab rats  and squirrels are escaped experimental party specimens. They are very prone to rambunctious behavior when hearing any form of techno music; the music ignites the ecstasy and foxy roxy coursing through their tiny veins.

On the other hand, the thuggish campus lizards are said to be genetically-enhanced hybrid curly-tail iguana lizards that we see scurrying around campus. It is said by an anonymous pharmacy student that they know of a student, who is experimenting on the lizards with a new form of steroid.

Perhaps the most disturbing  issue is the report of the losing fighter is viciously disposed of in the mantra of Michael Vick. The remains are sold to the chain of Road-Kill Cafes that are opening everywhere.  In fact, there is a proposal with the city to open a RKC, where Samaritan Gardens is located.

It is already enough that PBA sponsors Roach Races.  Now we have “Pinky and the Brain” to root for. Continue reading

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Changes, Welcome to the new Beacon Blog

A letter from the editor:

Dear faithful readers,

Welcome to the new Beacon Blog, the official Blog of the Beacon student newspaper of Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Here you can find all the newest Beacon articles plus plenty of the same features you might have seen at our sister site, PBA Local.

I would like to thank you for your readership and the overwhelming support you have shown for PBA Local. When I first started this tiny endeavor, I had no expectations as to what kind of response I would get for an online independent newspaper. It was very humbling to receive so many of your comments, feedback and support over our short lifetime.

I would like to inform you of some changes coming up to PBA Local.

I, along with the Beacon student newspaper staff, have come to agreement to join forces and to convert PBA Local into the official Beacon Blog.

What this means to you the reader: Nothing really. PBA Local is proud to be able to partner with Beacon staff members and create an online supplement to our regularly weekly-published newspaper.  Although our domain name will change, the vision and objective behind our blog will stay the same.

The new Beacon Blog will be under the same leadership and direction and will have the same vision that PBA Local did. By joining forces with the Beacon staff, the Beacon Blog will have more people working to report the stories that matter to you.

I, along with the rest of the Beacon staff, am pleased to refer you to the new Beacon Blog, the official student Blog for the Beacon student newspaper of Palm Beach Atlantic University.

As always, we are grateful for your continued support and welcome all your comments, suggestions and concerns to pbalocal@gmail.come or

-Mitzi Figueroa
Founding Editor of PBA Local

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PBA Local contributors are live-blogging the Tonight show with President Obama

Contributor Luther Hollis and Founding Editor Mitzi Figueroa are live-blogging the Tonight Show with Jay Leno during the first late night interview with a sitting president.

Check it out here!

Tonight Show with Jay Leno live with President Obama

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PBA Local wants to hear from You! What did you do on Spring Break?

PBA Local wants to know what you were up to on Spring Break? Did you go on a missions trip, cruise or hang out at home? We want to hear your stories! We’re especially interested in your strange, adventurous and dangerous experiences!

Send us a short testimonial about your adventure and a picture to to get featured on PBA Local!

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Found: Christians eat babies?

Found today in the parking lot between Towers and Lakeview:

Says the anonymous source who took the picture: “It looks like this car drove right out of the Dark Ages. And they’re 85% what? Polyester?”

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Weekend round-up: What to do for St. Patrick’s Day

For those of you who are back in West Palm Beach this weekend, here is a list of events taking place in the West Palm area to celebrate the yearly green-splattered holiday. Don’t forget to wear green!

Saturday:  St. Patrick’s Day parade in Delray Beach 2-3 p.m.

The event will be lending itself to Jamaican influence with a free Irish-Reggae party at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. near Atlantic Avenue from Gleason Street to Swinton Ave. For more information visit the website here.

Saturday- Sunday: Irish Fest on Flagler Dr.

Check out the event for live music, pub tent, Irish food and drinks, Irish marketplace and more. Adult admission costs $12 but visit the site to for a $5 off coupon.

Tuesday: Roxy’s Irish block Party

Roxy’s Irish Pub on Clematis will be hosting a free Irish block party including live bands and food & drink specials. Attendees must be 21 years of age or older. Click here for more information.

Know of other events in the area celebrating St. Patrick’s day? Let us know at

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Live Tweets from Spring Break Missions Trip

PBA Local contributor Marissa Barkey is live tweeting from her Missions Trip in Peru!

Check it out here!

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Trend Alert: Twitter sweeps the Internet, do you Tweet?

Some call it micro-blogging, others relate the concept to a Facebook status update, but most just refer to the Internet phenomenon sweeping the country as “tweeting.” If you haven’t heard about Twitter yet, you will soon.

Twitter is quickly becoming the fastest growing social networking trend in the country and you better believe, some day soon you will jump on board. is a new breed of social networking that offers users a chance to literally, tell the world what you are doing in under 140 characters. Simple enough right?

News networks from the NY Times, CNN and the Palm Beach Post have created Twitter accounts. You better believe PBA Local has one, as does our beloved school’s administration. President Barack Obama was an active tweeter during the campaign period and news has it that his counter-nominee, John McCain, has joined the Twitter movement. (Interestingly enough, Mr. Obama hasn’t touched the twitter scene since his Inauguration into office.)

Celebrities are even boasting twitter accounts, including MarthaSteward, MC Hammer, Britneyspears, and Kanye West. Even new Late Night host, Jimmy Fallon, used Twitter to draw more viewers to his opening show. After promising followers that he would be tweeting in between tapings, he was met with over 10,000 new Twitter followers. (via)

See after the jump for PBA Local tips on Tweeting Continue reading

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Local Events UPDATED: New concerts announced in the Area

Check out the newly updated “Local Events” section to buy tickets for shows in the area. New concert dates announced for artists such as New Kids on the Block, Fall Out Boy, Nickelback, Ray Lamontagne, No Doubt, Chris Tomlin, Dave Matthews Band and more!

Going to a show we haven’t posted? Let us know at

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TOMS comes to PBA

On the last day of classes before Spring Break, three TOMS representatives came to campus to sell the shoe and show the TOMS documentary. PBA Local editor, Mitzi Figueroa, talks to students about the trendy shoe. For more information on TOMS click here or visit the TOMS website.

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Happy Friday: Overheard at PBA

Spring Break has finally arrived and to send you students on your merry way, here are some overheard conversations the staff at PBA Local as compiled through out the week. 

From two girls walking to their car in the Lakeview parking lot

Girl one: “Gasp!”

Girl two: “What’s wrong?”

Girl one: “Oh my gosh! For a second I thought my tail lights were cracked but then I realized, oh no… it’s just bird poop.”

From three girls sitting at the cross walk in front of the library.

Girl one: “Fat girl moment of the day: Today I was going to get up and go for a run but then I just sat on my couch and ate Chex Mix”

Girl two: “Oh my gosh! I did the exact same thing wit pita chips!”

Girl three: “I’m starving. Wanna go to Chipotle?”

Girl one and two in unison: “OK!”

Spring Break Edition:

Two girls walking on S. Olive towards south campus.

Girl 1: “So, are you excited for the cruise?”

Girl 2: “Sort of”

Girl 1: “What’s wrong?”

Girl 2: “I don’t know, sometimes I wish I had rather gotten my teeth bleached instead.”

Got an Overheard conversation you want to share? Let us know at

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PBA Local gets exclusive interview with Tool of the month Dylan Jacobson

PBA Local confirms that the fake Facebook profile, Matt Reed was made by the same mind behind former pulled profile, “Peter O’Tooliham.” O’Tooliham’s profile was pulled just last month when Facebook corporate deemed the “Tool of the Month” awards slanderous. Unlike Reed’s profile, O’Toolihan was up long enough to announce the winner.

Nominee and former “Tool of the Month” for January, sophomore Dylan Jacobson, sits down to talk to PBA Local about the awards.

PBL: How did you feel when you first found out you were nominated for “Tool of the Month?”

DJ: I thought it was funny. I wasn’t offended. There were a couple moments I was confused as to why I was nominated and I messaged him to ask. He told me that other people nominated so I was like OK.

PBL: Were you concerned that the awards would damage your reputation?

DJ: No absolutely not. People who know me, know that I’m not a tool. If you know me, you’ll know that I’m not.

PBJ: Why do you think you were nominated for “Tool of the Month?”

DJ: Because I’m kind of a goof ball. I’m a bigger guy, I don’t know, sometimes I’m kind of loud. Last year I hit on girls a lot so I was surprised because they would have had me for sure last year. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was nominated by some of my friends.

DJ: I was kind of disappointed when I found out that Peter O’Toolihan was pulled down because I wanted to defend my title for next month. I want to be the “reigning tool of the month.”

PBL: What would you do to try to maintain your title of “Tool of the month?”

DJ: Oh well I don’t know. I guess I would probably walk around with my shirt off more. I would probably flex a lot more and grunt a lot more at the gym. I’m a bigger guy and I wear a medium shirt size so I would probably kick it down to a small. Oh and I would definitely wear sunglasses at night. Definitely! I think I’m in pretty good shape to defend the title.

PBL: Is there anything else you want to say to the PBA community about the awards?

DJ: I would like to give a big shout out to all the fans and people who supported me, thank you.

Anyone with information on the identity of Matt Reed please contact

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Would the real Matt Reed please stand up? Student gets kicked off Facebook

The anonymous profile that went under the pseudonym Matt Reed, was kicked off of Facebook due to slanderous activity. The profile that resembled a “juicy campus” concept, asked students in the Palm Beach network to nominate a “tool of the month” and a “citizen of the month” and even included pictures of the nominees. Voting for each category required a private message to the profile but Matt Reed didn’t have the chance to announce the winners before the profile got pulled by Facebook corporate.

“I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to see the official winners,” said junior Katie Weller after hearing that Matt Reed got pulled down. “I thought it was harmless.”

Weller was one of the first students to friend Reed and even sent in private nominations for tool of the month. According to Weller, Reed had built a mass following in his short lived life.

The official Facebook Terms of Use limits the all content including pictures and posts, that could be, “harmful, defamatory, invasive or otherwise objectionable.”

For anyone with information on the identity behind Matt Reed, please e-mail us at

Stay tuned for exclusive interviews with Toolbag nominees.


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Trend Alert: I give you TOMS, coming to campus soon

TOMS shoesPBA Local contributor Eileen Louissaint is the Spring Intern for the TOMS shoe company.

By Eileen Louissaint

Three  TOMS Shoes representatives will be on the Palm Beach Atlantic University campus Fri. March 6 to show the TOMS shoes documentary and host a “Style Your Sole” party where participants can design their own TOMS shoes.

The representatives, or “Vegabonds,” will be showing the documentary, “For Tomorrow,” in the Weyenberg Center at 11 a.m. The film is a behind the scenes peak at the TOMS shoes brand and will include the story of its history, its mission, and provide a visual of how TOMS is planning to impact the world. The “Style Your Sole” party will be immediately following the screening.

But I know you must be asking, “What is TOMS?”

TOMS Shoes is a non-profit company that provides a pair of shoes to a child in need through the purchase of one pair. In TOMS terms, “One for One.”

Blake Wycoskie first began the organization in May 2006 after a trip to Argentina. Wycoskie was struck by the poverty in the region and the  health issues that were burdening the lives of the children. He wanted to make a better TOMorrow and recreated the traditional Argentinean workmen shoe, the “alpargata,” for the U.S. market. Continue reading


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Discovered: That’s a sock.

Transferring to Palm Beach Atlantic from Palm Beach Community College, I thought more of an effort of cleanliness would be made here. However, it seems I was wrong.

Last semester, I was shocked one day to discover a discarded pair of panties on the walkway between Oceanview and Baxter. I had noticed some pretty weird stuff around campus already: an empty beer bottle near Rinker, a wadded-up tissue with a cigarette butt stuffed into it next to Lassiter and various other oddities. I guess I just wasn’t prepared for the panties.

I don’t think the word “skeezed” even begins to cover it. Skeezed is better used when referring to this clip from For the Love of Ray J, which was featured on The Soup. I think the better word was nauseated, perhaps with a twinge of appalled.

Like so many other students, I walked past. What was I supposed to do? Stop and pick them up? … I don’t think so.

So here’s where this has been going: today, around 4:15 p.m., I found a sock.

This sock was located, no pun intended, approximately a foot from the dumpster next to Pembroke. It is in the same general location as the panties, but I’m led to believe it belongs to someone else (I’m hoping it belongs to someone else) because it looks like a man’s sock.

Also for your consideration, dear reader: the numerous cigarette butts located in the vicinity of the sock.

I don’t even live on campus and I’m disgusted. I can’t imagine how the residents feel.

Find something random on campus? Snap a pic and send it to us at

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PBA Local gets featured in blog

PBA Local gets its first big plug courtesy of PBA alumni blogger Chris Moody. Moody interviewed me earlier in the day and asked me just what was up with this new online publication.

A reminder to new readers out there, this blog will be offering news for both current students and alumni along with members of the Palm Beach Atlantic community at large.

Get the scoop at Moody’s Pen and stay tuned here to get the latest news at PBA.

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Time Wasters: Facebook Trends

Video courtesy of, the Social Media Guide”

You would be kidding yourself if you denied the feeling of instant excitement when you see the little red box in the corner of your Facebook home screen. “Creepy McCreeperson has tagged you in a photo.” Maybe it’s a picture from the party you went to last night or maybe it’s a throwback from the good ole’ days as a carefree freshman.

But, to your dismay, it’s a cartoon sheet with different “cute” little personalities meant for tagging your friends in, linking each personality to someone in your posse.  As you feverishly search for your name, your heart drops as the tag reads, “the geeky one,”or “the drama queen.” You feel your face begin to redden a bit, partially from laughter and partially from the disappointment that you weren’t “the good friend” or perhaps “the cutie pie.”

FACEBOOK TRENDS. Social networking’s guilty pleasures that some can’t help but dabble in.

You know what they are: “25 things that no one knows,” bumper stickers, the photo application that places your face on billboards and magazine covers. All time consuming activities that catch on pretty quickly in the cyber world that everyone eventually seems to use and abuse. Continue reading

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Time wasters: FML edition

superbadSo you’ve had a bad day. What do you do now to make yourself feel a little better? Read about other people who have had it WAY worse. Or better yet, you utilize the moment, give it a comical spin and contribute to the global on-line forum that has been gaining attention among college students around the world. Enter

According to Urban Dictionary, the popular phrase “F**k my Life” was first introduced to popular culture in the cult classic film, Superbad. You remember the scene when Fogell is in the convenience store fumbling over the beer from the back cooler when he drops a few cans that break open and cause a mess? The store clerk surveys the incident and mutters the memorable quote that has evolved to become the all-encompassing catch phrase of 2009.

The phrase has become so popular even for those of us who try to refrain from using the F-bomb since the acronym in itself is all that is necessary to communicate the sentiment. Yup, cursing not required.

The site is gaining worldwide attention and gaining hits by the hour. Anyone can contribute and the format is simple to follow. Start your post with “Today” and end it with, “FML.” They even feature top fmls of the week, the month or all time.

Here are some examples:

“Today, I got my braces on. When we got in the car my dad looked over and said “well at least we dont have to worry about boys for the next two years.” FML”

“Today, I received my passport in the mail. They got my birth date wrong. Then I picked up my birth certificate that I had sent in with the application. Turns out my parents have been celebrating my birthday on the wrong day for 16 years. FML”

Just when you thought your life couldn’t get any worse, the site reminds you that for millions around the world, it IS.

Warning: Discretion advised! The site is not for the super conservatives! There are plenty of crude posts offering way too much information.

Got an FML post worth sharing? E-mail me!

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