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Pontiac Trans Am draws in bidders

By Kristina Webb
Copy Editor

Among the hundreds of cars for sale at this year’s Barrett-Jackson Auction, one stood out from the crowd.

“You don’t see a lot of these silver Trans Ams,” said 39-year-old Kenny Clair, a first-time seller from Massachusetts.

Clair sold a 1979 silver 10th Anniversary Edition Pontiac Trans Am.

Kenny Clair talking to his mother, Sue, about his 1979 Pontiac Trans Am. (All photos by Kristina Webb, Copy Editor)

The car went up on the auction block around 1 p.m. Friday, and although there had been many Trans Ams sold throughout the day, Clair was confident he could get a good price for his ’79.

“I’d like to make $35,000 or more, but I know if I get $30,000 for it I’ll break even,” Clair said.

Throughout the day, Clair had many bidders approach him, all interested in the car’s history.

Clair drives his car into line for auction

Clair purchased the car from a man in California, and spent almost $20,000 painting and repairing the vehicle.

When it was time for his car to roll onto the block in front of a crowd that one Barrett-Jackson official called one of the largest since the auction first came to Palm Beach, Clair drove his car for the last time.

The auctioneer listed the highlights of the car: numbers-matching engine; 220 horsepower, “which for 1979 made it one of the most powerful cars of its time,” the auctioneer said; four brand new tires mounted on the original wheels, a plus for any car owner; and the factory stereo, including an eight-track deck. Continue reading

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Luxury on the waters of West Palm

By Evelyn Ticona
Managing Editor

A four-day marine extravaganza filled with boats, marine products and accessories, the 25th annual Palm Beach International Boat Show took place at the West Palm Beach waterfront from March 25 to 28.

Presented by Merdeces-Benz USA and Palm Harbor Marina, it primarily targeted people considering buying a boat or marine equipment.

All photos by Evelyn Ticona, Managing Editor

“It is a buyers’ market offering highly unusual opportunities for great values,” said Show Management President Efrem Zimbalist III.

The show had 434 exhibitors displaying boats and yachts with prices varying from $10,000 for the cheapest to $14 million for the most expensive. Continue reading

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Grad takes a swing at youth & business

By Samone Davis
Contributing Writer

Palm Beach Atlantic University alumnus Loren Broderick Kemp heard his calling from God to give back to kids through sports shortly after graduating.

Originally from Nassau, Bahamas, Kemp moved to Florida in 2003 to attend Grandview Prepatory High School.

Photo courtesy of Loren Kemp

Kemp applied to several universities in Florida. However, Kemp chose to start his college life at PBA.

“It was the fact of it being a Christian institution that put the icing on the cake,” Kemp said. “I was looking to stay involved with church in a Christian environment.”

Kemp, who graduated PBA in May 2009, fell in love with sports at a very young age and gained a lot of experience during his college career at PBA. Continue reading

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Happy April Fools Day!

On page 8 of our March 29 issue, we’ve played a little prank on PBA. Where you would normally find a photo essay and the Looks page, you instead have three Onion-esque takes on PBA life. These stories are fictional labors of love, each written to bring a smile to your face. Read through, leave us comments and let us know what you think. Each story is listed below in its entirety with some pretty amazing artwork (if we do say so ourselves). Continue reading


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PBA professor talks ‘Danny Gospel’

By Kyle Beck
Contributing Writer

David Athey’s students at Palm Beach Altantic University have more than one reaon to listen when he talks about writing.  Athey is not only a professor, but also a published novelist.

An English and creative writing professor, Athey wrote the novel “Danny Gospel,” the story of a young man searching for romance and heavenly glory no matter what he most endure.

Photo by Christina Cernik, Photo Editor

The inspiration for the novel came from an interesting man Athey encountered.

“I met a man who believed that mosquitoes could be used by God to help him fulfill a mission,” Athey said. “I knew that was unique enough to propel a story.”

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Runway, camera… Fashion!

By Jen Herring
Contributing Writer

Silk, shimmer and sky-high stilettos dominated the runway during the 12th Annual Miami International Fashion Week.

About 700 people, including press, buyers and audience members came out to support designers from all over the world in Miami’s Art District from March 18 to 21.

“This was my first time at Miami International Fashion Week,” Indian designer Michelle Salins said. “I was totally overwhelmed at the fabulous response my collection received.”

Photo by Jen Herring

On Friday, March 19, the audience piled in, leaving many guests standing against the back walls to catch a glimpse of women’s swimwear by Columbian designer Antonia Saenz.

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Eating well matters

Certain foods save money and improve health

By Anna Zetterberg
Assist. Managing Editor

Your health may be one of the last things you worry about until you get sick. You’ve got more important things to worry about … right?

Actually, preventing sickness and optimizing how your body works will help you do better in almost every aspect of your hectic life, including school, work, volunteering and sports.

And if you are living well, you are saving money. You are preventing expensive doctor’s visits, antibiotics, missed classes and missed work.

Photo by Christina Cernik, Photo Editor

Wellness is about feeling your best, preventing illness and prolonging life.

Dr. Jason Deitch, co-author of the best-selling book “Discover Wellness,” says the 16 to 24-year-old age group is the hardest to reach. The college lifestyle poses challenges to your health, like lack of rest and a lot of caffeine.

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