PBA Spring Dance: Free for students

By Michelle Kappas
Contributing Writer

Ties, tuxedos, dresses, stilettos, surprise vendors and the Harriet Himmel all have one thing in common: Spring Dance 2010.

Spring Formal has struggled with success in the past, but this year Palm Beach Atlantic University is expecting it to be a hit.

“It is my understanding that the event will be free and attract 200 to 300 students as opposed to the 160 that attended last year,” PBA president Lu Hardin said.

Hardin was teaching a Law and Society class on Tuesday nights and lecturing on the concept of promissory estoppel when the issue of Spring Formal was brought to his attention. He was informed by PBA student Kelly Stoltzfus that there wasn’t going to be one this year due to lack of funds.

Hardin was able to pull money from his discretionary fund to make the dance possible. Stoltzfus and Nu Delta Nu partnered together to research reasonable pricing for venues and other preparations.

The team chose the Harriet Himmel Theater in City Place because it is within a walking distance from campus, and set the date for April 16 from 8 p.m. to midnight.

The theme of the night will be “A Night in Hollywood.” Another bonus this year is the attire adjustment.

“The dress code this year is changing for formal events,” Stoltzfus said. “For example, girls are now allowed to wear strapless dresses, as long as they’re tasteful.”

“We wanted to get our name out there by bringing the school together,” Nu Delta Nu President Jared Stresen-Reuter said. “It has been really great working with Kelly because she has worked with Spring Formal before.”

“Her experience really helps us, and right now each of our members has a job to do so we can all contribute to make this event a success for the school and for our fraternity,” Stresen-Reuter said.

The fraternity sees Spring Dance as the perfect opportunity to get experience in event planning.

“I think that cost and location are huge factors,” Stoltzfus said. “Students have more access to Spring Dance this year. I was really excited when asked to plan this event because I think that Spring Dance is a staple every school should have.”

Hardin has stepped back and is allowing Nu Delta Nu and Stoltzfus to take the reigns, but they say his planning and determination cannot be ignored.

For the first time in the history of PBA’s Spring Formal, Ballroom Dance Club, the Swing Dance Club and the Bombsquad will perform every hour throughout the night.

“The Spring Formal at PBA is an important event and I believe it should be a yearly tradition rather than every other year,” Hardin said.

Tickets to the Spring Dance will be free this year. Organizers encourage PBA students to attend the dance on April 16 to help make Spring Formal 2010 a success.

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