Grad takes a swing at youth & business

By Samone Davis
Contributing Writer

Palm Beach Atlantic University alumnus Loren Broderick Kemp heard his calling from God to give back to kids through sports shortly after graduating.

Originally from Nassau, Bahamas, Kemp moved to Florida in 2003 to attend Grandview Prepatory High School.

Photo courtesy of Loren Kemp

Kemp applied to several universities in Florida. However, Kemp chose to start his college life at PBA.

“It was the fact of it being a Christian institution that put the icing on the cake,” Kemp said. “I was looking to stay involved with church in a Christian environment.”

Kemp, who graduated PBA in May 2009, fell in love with sports at a very young age and gained a lot of experience during his college career at PBA.

Kemp started out studying business administration with hopes to take over a family business.

However, his love for sports convinced him to change his major to sports management.

Since he was a little boy, Kemp has had a huge passion for baseball. He tried out for PBA’s baseball team but didn’t make it.

He was then offered the position to manage PBA’s men’s basketball team, and ended up as the team’s manager for his entire college career.

One of Kemp’s major influences while he was attending PBA was men’s basketball Head Coach Terry Primm.

“Having Coach Terry Primm come in as head men’s coach really opened up my eyes to my potential,” Kemp said. “Working with him as team manager pushed my mental and physical being at times.”

Primm developed a strong relationship with Kemp while at PBA.

“Loren stood out to me,” Primm said. “He understood what was expected and needed of him and was respected professionally. It was also a blessing to see him grow spiritually.”

After graduating, Kemp returned to the Bahamas to what he thought were potential jobs, one of which was a position in the Bahamas Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture.

When that job fell through, Kemp became more determined.

He continued to pray, have faith and look for more options especially within the youth environment.

“Instead of going around with nothing to do I became more involved with the youth of our country,” Kemp said. “The Junior Baseball League of Nassau which I have been an active member of for 17 years was my calling, and I prayed to God to show me the road to take.”

The month after graduation, Kemp began individual lessons with kids in the baseball league. Kemp’s love for children grew stronger and this allowed him to pass on his love for sports.

Since then, he has been able to put together a group of over 25 kids.

He focuses on developing a strong, healthy relationship with them to help mentor in a positive direction in sports and life.

In addition to his work with the youth, Kemp has started his own advertising company.

Kemp’s Advertising Management started in October 2009. The company conducts advertising for different sporting complexes.

“I never imagined I would be my own business owner,” Kemp said. “It just goes to show that God does big things with people who think otherwise. I never doubted getting into it once I started and have managed to help the Junior Baseball League of Nassau in many ways.”

Recently, he became vice president of the youth group at his home church.

Although he keeps a busy schedule, Kemp always remembers the importance of young people, a bright future and the blessings in putting God first in everything.

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