Opinion: Tebow can succeed in NFL

By Kyle Beck
Contributing Writer

With the NFL draft approaching, there is one topic that just won’t seem to go away and that is Tim Tebow.

Everything about the guy is captivating in some way, whether you love him or hate him. Besides his highly criticized public life and outspoken Christian faith, there are many question marks surrounding his NFL future. Which team will draft him? Which round will he go in? Will he be a quarterback? How good will he be in the pros?

I’ve never seen anything like it. There are numerous NFL prospects that deserve just as much or more attention than Tebow, but the bottom line is he creates controversy.

And with people on both sides of the fence on all the issues surrounding him, there is a lot to talk about before the draft.

The issue that I think bothers me most is the constant bashing of Tebow due to his beliefs. I get it: the way he carries himself can be a bit much.

The Bible verses, the stories of mission trips to the Philippines — it can seem like he is beating you over the head sometimes with his beliefs, even to a Christian.

So imagine how it feels watching Tebow from the perspective of a non-believer.

What I can’t stand is bashing someone for something in which he genuinely believes.

Imagine if someone asked you what the most important thing in your life was, only you didn’t know that after you told them you would be mocked and made fun of by just about everyone in the country for the next 10 to 15 years.

That is basically the position in which Tebow finds himself.

I actually think it says a lot about his character that he is able to withstand the never ending torment.

His actions prove it doesn’t matter to him what people say or feel.

He knew from the beginning he might take a lot of heat for his beliefs, but he has never faltered from his personal convictions.

The next issue that is usually brought up, especially as of late, is his future in the NFL.

I believe if Tebow wants to play quarterback in the NFL, he will play quarterback in the NFL.

Most teams have offered him the opportunity to switch positions, but he has stated his desire to be a future signal caller.

He has the physical skills to be a good quarterback. He has strength, toughness, intelligence and motivation.

We’ve seen in four years what he did at Florida when he put his mind to it.

Everyone recalls the famous speech after the Ole Miss loss at home during the 2008-2009 season.

Tebow declared he wouldn’t let the Gators lose another game; he would will them to victory.

Whenever he seemed unable to win that award, or win that game, he did. He has proved people wrong time and time again, so what will make this experience any different?

There have been quarterbacks with all the physical tools who have gone down as busts simply because they couldn’t handle the mental challenge that comes with the NFL (i.e. Ryan Leaf).

Tebow has proven his mental toughness and maturity since he burst onto the college football seen. If he can perfect his skills, he will succeed.

The right team and situation will do wonders for his development as a quarterback. If he sits behind a veteran for a few seasons honing his footwork and throwing mechanics while learning the playbook and then takes over a talented team, we could see similar results in the NFL as we did in college.

Although he has his supporters, there seem to be more and more Tebow bashers as time goes on.

At the end of the day, I’d love to have a guy on my team who stands firm in his beliefs, has strong morals and won’t get into trouble, and has the drive to reach goals he sets for himself.

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One response to “Opinion: Tebow can succeed in NFL

  1. The Real Life

    I recently heard a great commentary on Tebow’s NFL possibilities.

    #1: Could be drafted by the Jags (just to get people in the stands since their home game attendance has been suffering). The problem cited about Tebow being picked by the Jags is that he would more than likely become a starter. Many analysts don’t think Tebow has the technical savvy (reading defenses, knowing when to audible, etc) to start in the NFL at this point.

    #2: The Colts may pick up Tebow. There was a supposed comment by Peyton Manning that he would like to have Tebow with Indy. This option is the one the analysts would like to see. This way, Tebow gets to be mentored by one of the best QB’s in the league, and he’ll have a chance to glean Manning’s professionalism.

    Personally, I can’t stand Tebow the player (they beat my Sooners in the Orange Bowl a couple of years ago). As a person…he’s cool.

    I definitely think Tebow will make it to the NFL (just look at Matt Leinhart and Vince Young). Wherever Tebow lands in the NFL, I wish him the best.

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