Getting groovy at Groovolution

By Katie Witham
Sports Editor

Tired of the same boring workout?

Typically people go through the routine of cardio, weights and crunches. This can quickly grow dull, leaving exercisers in a rut.

New exercise studio Groovolution hopes to fix this problem by offering such classes as fire dancing, hula hooping, and belly dancing.

Heather Foy runs the studio, which opened Feb. 5.

Foy grew up practicing ballet and jazz dance, but said she didn’t really take it seriously.

At age 19, she began belly dancing, then quickly added fire dancing as well.

“The first time I saw fire dancing I said, ‘You have to teach me how to do that,’ ” Foy said. “I’ve been addicted to dancing ever since.”

Foy was originally an engineering student at Florida Atlantic University, but switched to a major in small business after deciding she wanted to open her own studio.

She is taking a semester off from school in order to start Groovolution.

“I had some great opportunities,” Foy said. “This studio was available and I found an investor willing to help open it.”

Foy then assembled a mix of friends and coworkers, whom she had belly danced with at a Greek restaurant, to teach classes.

Debby Carrigan was a friend of Foy’s and now teaches yoga at Groovolution.

“I started practicing yoga about 15 years ago,” Carrigan said. “I then studied and trained for several years in Santa Cruz, Calif.”

Groovolution offers a wide range of classes; from popular staples such as yoga, zumba and hip hop dancing, to more exotic options.

Poi is a practice often used in fire dancing but taught at Groovolution without fire.

In Poi, dancers spin balls on chains in different patterns and directions.

“It’s very complicated, but beautiful,” Foy said.

There are several hula hooping classes, which can also be used for fire dancing as students gain experience.

Belly dancing classes and a tantric meditation class are offered as well.

Palm Beach Atlantic University student Lindsay Brown teaches hoop dance classes at Groovolution.

“Hoop dance is not only addictive, but it is great for fitness and extremely meditative,” Brown said. “It is a beautiful form of dance that I hope to share with as many people as possible.”

With such a range of classes, the goal, Foy says, is “to help people express their feelings through dance.”

The classes accommodate a wide range of fitness levels. Foy has had students ranging from 20 years old to those in their 60s.

“We personalize all our classes to fit the needs and the levels of the students,” Brown said. “So whether you are a first timer or not, you can come to any class for a great experience.”

Foy hopes to offer children’s classes in the near future, as well as full weekend workshops with higher level instructors from all over the country.

“There has been a lot of interest,” Foy said. “It is a unique studio so people are interested when they hear about it.”

Several free yoga classes will be offered in March.

“Movement and flow are two of the keys to all aspects of life,” Carrigan said. “And we offer plenty of ways to get your groove on.”

Groovolution is located at 1855 Indian Road, Ste. 201 in West Palm Beach. For class times go to


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