Beacon Features: Wahba gives credit to God

By Eileen Louissaint
Contributing Writer

Dr. Wagdy Wahba has recently earned two accolades for his spiritual and academic impact at Palm Beach Atlantic University. In January, the chapel in the school of pharmacy was named in his honor.

In February, the university named a scholarship after Wahba for students who exemplify strong Christian character and leadership. Five hundred dollars will be awarded to a pharmacy student each April.

“It is very humbling and a great honor,” Wahba said. “I must credit God first and second Dean Brown.”

Also, the annual Rumble with Chains alumni basketball game trophy was renamed on behalf of Wahba after a unanimous vote by players before the tip-off at the 2010 game.

Wahba serves as associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences and interim senior associate dean of the Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy.

He teaches pharmacology, toxicology and spirituality in health care in the pharmacy school.

He also conducts Bible study meetings on Fridays, providing students an opportunity to receive up to eight chapel credits.

“I would describe Dr. Wabha as one of the most caring and intellectual professors I have had so far in my college years,” said Jack Jane, first year pharmacy student.

“He provides us pharmacy students with both spiritual and educational guidance,” Jane said.

Pharmacy students voted Wahba as the 2002 Teacher of the Year.

“His leadership in the Gregory Lloyd School of Pharmacy is much appreciated by the students, faculty and staff alike,” Jane said.

Originally from Alexandria, Egypt, Wahba studied at the University of Alexandria, Egypt with a major in pharmacy and a minor in pharmaceutical chemistry.

He spent 10 years in retail pharmacy as owner and manager of Wagdy’s Pharmacy.

Later, he studied pharmacology and toxicology at Duquesne University, where he received his Ph.D. in 1972.

Wahba said he had many role models while growing up, but more notably his uncle and his mother’s cousin who served as his spiritual mentor. And, of course, he admires the Lord.

Wahba worked as a forensic toxicologist, forensic toxicology consultant and professor for over 20 years at Dusquesne University, Clarion University and La Roche College.

He has also contributed to publications in forensic toxicology and conducted presentations at national meetings.

“We have an amazing opportunity with a great Creator,” Wahba said, regarding the importance of a strong foundation in God while in the medical field. “How better an outcome for patient health by including spirituality.”

The accomplished mentor previously lived in Pennsylvania before moving to Florida nine years ago.

During his interview with former PBA President Dr. Paul R. Corts, Wahba recalls his response to Corts’ inquiry of why he decided to leave all that he had already built of his career.

Wahba answered, “The Christian mission.”

Wahba has been happily married to his wife for 43 years and he has two grown children.

He currently lives in Palm Beach Gardens, where he attends Christ Fellowship and Church in the Gardens.


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