Musicians unite for Haiti relief

By Evelyn Ticona & Jen Rodino
Managing Editor & Features Editor

Singer-songwriter Shaun Groves urged the Palm Beach Atlantic University family to support Haiti relief by watching the upcoming “Help Haiti Live” concert Saturday.

DeSantis Family Chapel served as the stage to host Groves last week.

Groves also offered a free concert in chapel Tuesday night where, along with his performance, Groves sent a message about salvation and God’s purpose for us in life.

The relief concert will take place at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville at 8:30 p.m., and can be seen live online at

Groves is a partner of Compassion International, a child development organization that sponsors children from third world countries.

He said it took Compassion International longer than expected to put the concert together, leaving little time to promote.

Photo by Christina Cernik, Photo Editor

“We want you to help us spread the word,” Groves told the crowd.

Big Kenny will host the concert and singers like Mat Kearney, Brandon Heath, Dave Barnes and Matt West will perform for free to raise funds for the earthquake relief.

The online presentation will feature a parallel concert in Los Angeles. Francis Chan, who visited PBA during Christival last fall, is among the speakers and singers.

Groves finds the work at Compassion extremely rewarding.

“We try to develop a child physically, spiritually, economically and socially,” Groves said. “We try to meet all the needs of a child. We do this by working exclusively through the church. We don’t take government funds.”

Compassion sponsors up to 1 million children from the 26 poorest countries in the world.

“When you’re convinced that you have nothing it’s so much easier to realize that God is everything.”  – Shaun Groves

Groves has traveled to several countries through Compassion, including Ecuador, El Salvador, India, Uganda and Ethiopia. He is scheduled to visit Kenya in March.

He also leads Compassion’s blog, taking first-rate bloggers on mission trips overseas to see what Compassion does and write about it. Bloggers will accompany Groves to Kenya.

Groves became a Christian at the age of 12 after having some struggles with his faith.

“When I became a Christian it’s not like all the problems went away, but there was definitely a shift in the perspective on those problems,” he said. “It made everything more enjoyable.”

He shared some personal experiences as a man, Christian and musician at the concert offered on Tuesday Feb. 16.

He shared with the audience his encounter with Yanci, a girl in El Salvador he sponsors through Compassion, and how rewarding it was to see the progress that she and her family made.

“Her dad is coming to Christ because of her,” Groves said.

Groves highlighted how much easier it is for these people to appreciate the simple things in life.

“When you’re convinced that you have nothing it’s so much easier to realize that God is everything,” he said.

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