Beacon Sports: Intramural basketball heats up

By Clint Longenecker
Contributing Writer

This week begins a series showcasing highlights from different intramural sports.

Last week featured some hotly contested games on the intramural basketball court, but one matchup stood above the rest.

The premier game of the week saw the pharmacy school team, Jay Jackson and the Tito Jacksons, square off against one of the league’s most popular and well-known squads, the White Magic.

Both the White Magic and Jay Jackson and the Tito Jacksons came into the Thursday night contest with a 2-1 record. They also both realized that to remain within striking distance of the two remaining undefeated teams, one would need to come out victorious.

The game’s crucial nature drew in crowds of fans to watch. The White Magic, last year’s intramural champion and Facebook sensation, had its usual backing of loyal supporters.

Despite their faithful Facebook following, the veteran White Magic stumbled out of the gate as the Jay Jackson and the Tito Jacksons jumped out to an early and convincing lead in the first half.

The White Magic were able to take the momentum back before halftime, notching a five point lead.

The pride of the pharmacy school, Jay Jackson, was determined to regain the lead for his intellectually and scholastically superior squad.

A key stretch in the second half saw veteran sharpshooter Michael Hux stroke clutch three pointers on back to back possessions with just a few minutes left, taking his team from down four points to holding a two point advantage.

True to his nickname, “Big Fundamental,” White Magic’s Adam McGregor played tough down the stretch to counter Hux’s hot hand, registering 21 points, as the game’s leading scorer.

Jackson’s leadership and exceptional ball-handling skills were the difference in the game’s crucial moments, as the White Magic could do little to break Jackson of getting his shot or setting up teammates in a great position to make theirs.

In the end, brains overcame brawn as the pharmacy team escaped with a 49-48 victory.

The White Magic were unable to hit a bucket at the buzzer that would have crowned them victorious.

The win put the Jacksons one game behind B.Young and the White Hawks for the league’s top spot.

The victory by the Jacksons was a true team effort, as every player that suited up notched at least six points.

With the White Magic losing their second game it drops them into the jumble of six teams with a record of 2-2.

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