Beacon Features: They are their brothers’ keepers

By Jocelyn Martinez
Contributing Writer

A private university with a fraternity? This is something Palm Beach Atlantic University was not expecting.

Thanks to a group of young men on campus, PBA can now say it now has a fraternity.

The fraternity, Nu Delta Nu, first tried out its wings at the end of last year, but because of lack of commitment and lots of paper work during finals week, the fraternity did not make it. However, this past semester, things changed.

The fraternity was born and made history as the first fraternity at PBA.

“This is an exciting time because NDN is an open book with a very bright future ahead of us,” said Clint Longenecker, member of NDN. “We are very young, having just started at the tail end of last semester but the future looks very promising. We have compiled a great group of guys and will be adding to that stellar cast throughout the semester. We’ll provide the campus and university community with a much needed shot in the arm.

Jared Stresen-Reuter, founder and president of Nu Delta Nu, said, “It was created to fill a void of all male organizations on campus and to promote brotherhood.”

He hopes to create alternative events for on-campus students, in which some have already been involved.

The group of young men raffled off baskets during a Christmas bazaar, their first event.

Before the men left for Christmas break, they gathered money for the charitable orgaization Seasons to Share.

Each member sent out donation letters to help bring in a starting profit.

NDN successfully hosted a Super Bowl party in the lobby of Oceanview that had a tremendous turnout.

In addition, the fraternity hosted a speed-dating event on Feb. 10 for Valentine’s Day. There are many more events in the works.

The brothers plan to venture down to Miami in March to attend a basketball game for the Miami Heat in order to create and form fellowship within the group.

“Our sole purpose is to promote brotherhood through fellowship, events and charities,” Stresen-Reuter said. “We ask if you have any ideas to please contact us.”

NDN’s Chaplain, David Ogg, leads the boys during their Bible studies.

“The boys call me Rev,” Ogg said. “I lead the Bible studies on Sunday nights. We talk real talk about God and how we as a Brotherhood and men can live as warriors for Christ on our Campus.”

They follow their slogan: “We are our brothers’ keepers.”

One goal the boys have is to convert one of the houses in Samaritan Gardens into a “Greek House.”

As of now, the fraternity consists of roughly 19 members.

The boys did not all know each other at the beginning. They were asked to have a little black book and to write questions in it for each of the members so they could get to know one another on a more personal level.

“It makes me feel more involved and connected with the fraternity. I feel tighter with the guys,” said fraternity member Chris Bing. “We are like a family.”

“Our sole purpose is to promote brotherhood through fellowship, events and charities.”
– Stresen-Reuter

Just like any other family has secrets and traditions, so it is with this group of young men.

“The bonding experience as NDN has been hilarious, serious and overall great,” Ogg said. “I can’t fully tell you everything, but let’s just say we keep it holy and have a great time.”

The group was hand-chosen by Stresen-Reuter and a couple other members who were there from the beginning .

“It has to be someone who wants to better PBA, better themselves and better the fraternity,” Stresen-Reuter said.

The fraternity searches for those who want to be involved in activities, have dedication to the brotherhood and possess the time to be a part of it. Obviously, the member must be male.

“We all have good chemistry between us,” Stresen-Reuter said. “It’s such a great group of guys.”

As the members form a bond that can only be created within a brotherhood, they begin to learn more about one another, as well as themselves, and strengthen what it is they believe in.

“The frat is great,” Ogg said. “It is awesome to fellowship with my brothers and represent something that is actually worthy: our savior Jesus Christ.”

“We are blessed with a tremendous leader in Jared Stresen-Reuter,” Longenecker said. “He has big plans for NDN, and without him we would not be as motivated and successful.

“This is the beginning of something great, something that when we look back in just a few years, we’ll be shocked at the growth and the impact of the organization.”

Contact Jared Stresen-Reuter if you are interested in becoming a member.

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  1. Delza Rubi

    Sherri, God has blessed you with two angels. Davy is touching hearts with his preaching and dedication and Kaity with her singing and sweetness. I am very proud of them.
    Our Lord has blessed Davy and Kaity with the most wonderful parents: Sherri and David. Our Lord has molded them through your endless love, care and faith. I AM PROUD OF ALL OF YOU….!

    Cousin Delza

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