Beacon Opinion: revisiting the ‘handicapped’ article and letter

By Luther Hollis
Opinion Editor

A few weeks ago, the Beacon editor received a letter in response to “Shame, Shame you’re not handicapped.” Last week the Beacon ran that letter; there seemed to be some confusion as to the article’s facts.

In my article, I did not say that my ticket for parking in a handicap spot was unfair. I stated that the attributed fine was unfair; there is a difference. I acknowledged that the ticket itself was warranted, but made an argument against the amount of the fine and how it was determined.

It was said that I could not possibly know if handicap “students” would pull in needing the space that I was occupying. First, elementary school students cannot drive. Second, I am a very analytical and logical individual; when I picked up my daughter from the elementary school of which she volunteers at the afterschool program, there were only four other children left. I deduced that the probability of the remaining parents all being handicap was very slim.

I know this since I pick my daughter up daily at almost the same time.

So yes, I could possibly know that there would not be a slew of handicapped “students” or parents pulling in and needing the space I occupied.

As for the reference to Rosa Parks, who cares if that incident was staged? The point was the unfairness of a societal norm that was obviously discriminatory. I made the same point in my reference to her action.

Finally, the “judgmental” attitude toward those who hold handicap licenses was directed toward the 25 to 45-year-old individuals who exit their vehicle at a brisk pace (if not a sprint). If it were up to me, all senior citizens would receive handicap status out of respect; they get discounts on so many other things, why not discount their walking distance?

Personally, I know there are plenty of individuals abusing their “handicap” privilege because it is convenient. My article took aim upon those individuals, not legitimately handicapped people nor senior citizens.

I would like to encourage anyone who reads an opinion column to write in with suggestions and comments. The Beacon always welcomes responses to any of its articles. If you have something on which you’d like to sound off, e-mail


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