Beacon Features: PBA alumna prospers in dance

By Samone Davis
Contributing Writer

For multi-talented alumna Elizabeth “Liz” DeMarco, who graduated this past May, her professional career as a dancer starts off at Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Theatre Department.

DeMarco fell in love with the arts at a young age.

Originally from Long Island, N.Y., she began acting at age of 10.

She starred in Christmas plays, shows and pageants at church where she found an interest in song and dance.

“When I was younger my parents made me make a decision between taking voice or dance,” DeMarco said. “I chose to take voice lessons, which probably might have been the wrong decision because I was never really a good singer, and dance would have been better to pursue at a young age.”

After taking voice lessons, DeMarco ventured into the dance field, taking dance courses for extra credit.

“I feel like I pursued dancing late and I know how it feels to want to learn so badly and the frustration that comes along with practice and discipline,” DeMarco said. “It’s exciting that I get a chance to help students who want to pursue dance and performance.”

She also enjoys working with junior high school students and students from community centers, teaching them to dance and helping them with their choreography.

DeMarco confessed she enjoys “funny roles” because her singing style is more a character singer than an opera singer.

DeMarco now works five jobs and helps as a volunteer with the choreography for most of the plays and musicals held by the Theatre Department.

In her latest projects DeMarco contributed helping with the choreography for “Nunsense” and “The Winter’s Tale” plays, held by the theatre department this semester.

Students she worked with on these plays described DeMarco as very hardworking and encouraging.

“It was really a pleasure to work with Liz; she is so encouraging and dedicated,” said theatre major Lauren Governanti. “She is not only passionate about choreographing, but also theatre [as a whole], and you can sense that when in rehearsal with her.”

DeMarco believes she can improve her dancing skills by helping others as well.

During the summer, her biggest challenge was to strengthen her balance.

After graduation, she traveled home to take dance at “Steps on Broadway,” a dance studio in New York, because she had a hard time finding classes in West Palm Beach.

DeMarco feels she has been blessed with opportunities to do what she loves and be successful.

“It hasn’t been easy, but God continues to provide opportunities,” she said.

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