Beacon Sports: Intramural football is fan favorite

By Samone Davis
Contributing Writer

Intramural sports are beginning to give the intercollegiate sports at Palm Beach Atlantic University a run for their money.

The intramural flag football season is definitely becoming one of the favorites on campus. Flag football is one of the sports activities created for students to have fun and promote school spirit.

Flag football is continuously expanding as the program gains popularity.

This season of intramural flag football began in October and will end Dec. 4. The games are held Monday through Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m.

This season has been one of the best seasons of flag football by far. There are total of 200 to 230 players in the sport this season, a major increase in participation from last year.

The sport is divided into individual teams that the students create themselves, also allowing them to pick their own team members.

Although competition is fierce, the teams still manage to have fun and friendly rivalry.

“It’s an intense experience,” said freshman Ben-Oni Francois. “The competition is fierce, the [referees] are strict and teamwork is vital. It’s very fun but demanding at the same time.”

Jamie Bethel, a junior at PBA and head of intramural sports, said he hopes that the sport keeps growing as the students recognize the excitement it offers.

“We want it to keep growing,” Bethel said. “I am proud of all the players and participants. They are doing a great job and it’s fun to watch them out on the field.”

The intramural flag football teams do not have coaches, giving the players the opportunity to create and use their own strategies and skills during the plays.

Students attend flag football games regularly, just as they do any other major sporting event on campus.

“This is my first semester here at PBA, and I don’t know how it was in the past but the intramural flag football is one of my favorite sports to watch,” said freshman Rashida Robinson. “I love to go to the games to support the teams and also because it shows school spirit on the field.”

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