Beacon Opinion: Letter to the editor

In response to: “Shame, shame, you’re not handicapped” on Oct. 19

I would like to respond to Luther Hollis’ complaint that his ticket was unfair because: (1) There were other empty spaces. He could not possibly know whether a dozen other handicapped students might arrive shortly and need the space he had taken.

(2) He attempted to justify his action by comparing it to that of Rosa Parks. Many people have now surmised that this was a planned action on the part of Ms. Parks and the NAACP. That does not mean it was not a necessary action. It was long overdue.

(3) Mr. Hollis implies that if he cannot see the handicap, it does not exist. If he saw me leaving my car empty-handed on an even surface he might assume I am an able-bodied senior citizen.

However, if I were carrying library books or climbing a small slope, breathing would be difficult because of lung surgery I had some years ago.

As a student in a Christian university, he should have learned not to be so judgmental.

Ruth McCollum
West Palm Beach


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