Beacon News: New Homecoming events draw large crowds

By Cassady Faircloth
Contributing Writer

In the midst of homework, tests and papers, one of Palm Beach Atlantic University’s most exciting weeks just occurred.

Homecoming 2009 offered activities for both current students and alumni, encouraging both to come together, worship and enjoy the campus.

“It really is to bring people ‘home’ to campus,” said Deborah Bowmar-Jaffe, in charge of Homecoming and Reunions. “It truly is a heartwarming experience, because in the ‘70s and ‘80s the college was looking to just survive, and today we are thriving.”

Alums return to reminisce about their college years, volunteer and look into hiring PBA students.

“It was so awesome to see all of the alumni return and be a part of Homecoming,” sophomore Erica Walters said. “I’m excited to graduate and know that I can still be involved.”

Students were able to connect with the alums during the Etiquette Dinner and the Sailfish Fun Day at the beach.

These opportunities allow ed the alumni and students to communicate their goals and possible future career plans.

“There is a well-known fact that PBA alumni hire other alumni and students,” Bowmar-Jaffe said. “No one knows better than alum, the quality of an education and ethical standards that students are taught.”

Traditional activities were kept such as the Bug Race, Big Screen Movies, Women’s Fine Arts Night and the Alumni vs. Student sporting events.

Some of the new activities included GLO, themed dinners, an Endurance Challenge, a Tennis Shoot-Out, and Sailfish Fun Day at the Beach.

The new addition of GLO had a turnout of more than 100 students.

Attendees dressed in white shirts, gathered outside of their dorms, danced to music and spontaneously splattered paint on one another.

You can contribute with ideas and help with next year’s Homecoming by becoming a part of the Student Government Association.

Bowmar-Jaffe, along with other alumni, was celebrating her 20-year anniversary as a PBA alum.


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