Overheard: It’s not the door

Girl leaving the Warren Library.

Girl: I hate doors I look retarded in when I go through them.


Two girls on the walkway between Baxter and Oceanview.

Girl 1: You know how I know it’s time to shave my legs?

Girl 2: I’m a little afraid to hear this.

Girl 1: I know it’s time when I’m afraid that a small colony of koalas may take up residence there.

Girl 2: Should have followed my instincts on that one.


Guy talking on a cell phone in front of Gregory Hall.

Guy: I’m thinking I might go surfing tomorrow. … No, I haven’t gone before, but everyone else is doing it so I thought I’d give it a shot. … No, Mom, I’m pretty sure I can pick it up. Like I said, everyone is doing it.


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