Beacon News: Students ask probing questions of faculty, staff

By Jennifer Rodino
News Editor

The place to be to ask those burning questions from the minds of Palm Beach Atlantic University students was the Student/Faculty Forum at the Rinker Green on Monday, Oct. 12.

A panel of five faculty members and PBA President Lu Hardin were present at the event.

Throughout the day, students were given the opportunity to fill out questions they wished to have answered.

Students in the audience were also given the chance to put faculty and staff on the spot.

Student Government President Bethany Williams led the event by delivering the questions to the panel.

The first half of the forum was dedicated to giving students a chance to get to know the new president first hand.

A majority of the questions that the students asked the president were in reference to his goals for PBA now and in the future.

“I am focused on branding,” Hardin said. “I want to get us out there and let people know who we are.”

Hardin has goals to grow PBA and climb up to the top 20 in the “U.S. News and World Report” standings.

“Success breeds success,” Hardin said.

In addition to making PBA a well-known university, Hardin plans to expand the academic and
honors programs, add additional parking and build more dorms and classrooms on campus.

Hardin hopes to eventually have a 12 to 14-story classroom building at the entrance of PBA, near the corner of Dixie Highway and Okeechobee Boulevard.

Several questions were asked in regards to the athletic program. One student was eager to find out if the club sport lacrosse will eventually be an official PBA sport.

Bob White, PBA’s athletic director, was highly enthusiastic when responding to the lacrosse question.

“I grew up in a place where lacrosse was a king and queen sport,” White said. “A men’s and women’s lacrosse team will eventually be official at PBA. However, the only hold up is the development of Hillcrest. At the moment, we don’t have enough transportation to take the [lacrosse] teams to off-campus fields.”

Renae Murray, PBA’s controller and interim chief financial officer, answered questions for a few concerned students who came to the event wondering why Bright Futures and the Florida Resident Access Grant had gone down.

In regards to technology, students were curious as to what changes have been made on MyPBA to make things easier to keep up to date with credits towards certain requirements.

Philip Major, the director of Technology Services, said now on MyPBA students can check Chapel credits, Workship hours and reset PBA password.

Major plans to have the PBA student ID cards play more of an active role. He said he hopes to set up a way students can add funds to their cards through MyPBA, use the card at selected off-campus restaurants and use it as a debit card.

Campus Pastor Bernie Cueto and Gary Parker, associate vice president for Facilities and Construction, were also present for the event.

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