PBA scheduled to receive 1,500 doses of H1N1 vaccine

According to Vince Diller, director of Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Department of Health and Wellness, PBA is on a list to receive 1,500 doses of H1N1 vaccine from the Palm Beach County Health Department.

Although Diller has been notified that the vaccine is coming, he does not know when it will arrive. It is also unknown if the majority of the vaccines will be in nasal spray or injectable form.

“We’ve been told that we are the primary distribution point for our population, which includes students, professors, families, staff,” Diller said.

Colleges have been placed at a higher priority, Diller said, but there are still recommendations for who should receive the swine flu vaccine first. Once he receives the rules for dispersal, Diller will make the information available.

Diller added that he will have several of PBA’s epidemiologists review the recommendations on who should receive the vaccine and the side effects to make the information easier to understand for students.

About 20 seasonal flu vaccines are still available through Health and Wellness. The CDC recommends a combination of seasonal and swine flu vaccines.


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