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PBA offers new way to reset password

In an attempt to make the process easier, PBA’s Technology Services department is offering a new way to reset passwords. They asked the Beacon Blog to pass this information along to you to enable students to access and change their password from anywhere, on any computer.

1) Go to the password reset homepage.

2) Click “Enroll” and enter the username and password that have been provided to you.

3) Select three different questions.

4) Provide the answers to your questions. Your answers must be at least four characters long and each must contain a capital letter. Your answers are case sensitive.

5) Once registered, you can reset your password by returning to the password reset homepage and clicking “Reset your password.”

6) Provide your username and answer your three questions.

7) Your new password must have eight characters and include a capital letter, a number and a special symbol (such as @, #, $, %). It cannot contain your first or last name, or your social security number. Also, like before, your new password cannot be the same as one you have had in the past.

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Beacon Opinion: ‘Dear Mr. Anti-Interracial Marriage Guy’

By Evelyn Ticona
Features Editor

Dear Justice of the Peace Keith Bardwell:

Please check your calendar carefully; it’s 2009 not 1909. Also, please refer to your American history classes in high school and college. At some point, they must have addressed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 regarding equal treatment of every American regardless of race.

It’s been 42 years since the U.S. Supreme Court brought down the Virginia statute impeding whites from marrying people of a different ethnic group when Mildred Jeter (African American) and Richard Loving (Caucasian) were banned from getting married.

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Beacon Sports Opinion: World Series belongs to Yankees

By Jose Bautista
Contributing Writer

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2009 Major League Baseball World Series match up is now set.

After weeks of exciting postseason baseball, the National and American League finalist teams have been determined.

From the National League you have the 2008 defending World Champion Philadelphia Phillies.

The American League has the most historically rich team in the history of the sport, the New York Yankees.

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Beacon Sports: Sailfish basketball seeks championships

With basketball season starting in November, we decided to preview the basketball program here at Palm Beach Atlantic University. We’ve broken down each team to provide you with the best information: on whom to keep your eye, which games are shaping up to be challenging and how each team is looking to improve. 

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Beacon Features: The Mountain Goats get Biblical

By Samone Davis
Contributing Writer

A new album from a secular group is drawing attention for its Biblically-inspired lyrics.

The Mountain Goats have been in the music industry for 18 years. From Durham, N.C., the band has released 17 albums.


The Mountain Goats

Photo Courtesy of the Mountain Goats

The band had its first television appearance on “The Colbert Report” on Oct. 6, the date they released their newest album: “The Life of the World to Come.”

Though the Mountain Goats don’t claim to be a Christian band, all 12 songs from their new album are named after and inspired by Bible verses. John Darnielle’s lyrics interpret the verses to provide the listener with a more personal experience.

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Nicholas Murray’s Commuter Chapter

Editor’s note: Starting this week, we have a biweekly column by commuter student Nicholas Murray. He will share curious incidents he witnesses while taking the Palm Tran every day on his way to PBA.

By Nicholas Murray
Contributing Writer

When most people want to look at a rainbow, they look at online photos of rainbows arching majestically over pristine waterfalls or lush arboreal scapes.

Some people are hands-on and like to recreate the rainbow effect by running some water and then turning their backs to the sun to see the light diffuse across the spray and reveal the visible spectrum.


Palm Tran

Artwork by Alicia C. Stamm



Some people like to eat fruit salad.

Shoot, I’ve even heard of people dying their Twizzlers and having “rainbow twists” as a snack.

I myself take a different tact. I ride Palm Tran.

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Beacon News: Job search tough for international students

By Jocelyn Martinez
Contributing Writer

Palm Beach Atlantic University has a total of 104 international students enrolled this fall, of which 20 to 25 percent work on-campus jobs. Several of our international students are athletes who receive support through athletic scholarships.

However, many international students have had difficulty finding sources of income due to tough government regulation.

According to regulations from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, international students may work up to 20 hours a week while school is in session and up to 40 hours a week during breaks.

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