Beacon News: QI grant process begins

By Jennifer Rodino
Contributing Writer

For those interested in research, Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Quality Initiative Research Grant program provides students and faculty with those means.

The 2010 grant application process is currently under way, and many have already applied.

The purpose of the grant is to encourage faculty and faculty-student teams to engage in research efforts. The amount of funds awarded for any project will be determined based on the merits and needs of each proposal. This year, the total for student grants is $8,000 and the total for faculty grants is $20,000.

The grant is for research done in 2010. If a student applies, the student needs to be enrolled and able complete the project in 2010. Therefore, according to Carolanne Brown, assistant vice president for Institutional Research and Effectiveness, the grant best serves students who are currently sophomores or juniors.

“It is best to make a team of faculty and students combined for a project in order to maximize the resources,” Brown said.

The applications will go through a reviewing process called “blind review.” Two anonymous faculty members will be reviewing the applications and scoring them based on a rubric.

Brown added that grants dealing with issues of Christian integration, improvements in critical thinking skills or writing skills will be given priority for funding in 2010.

Dr. Chelneca Templeton, assistant professor in the School of Education and Behavioral Studies, received two grants for research projects: one in 2005 and one in 2008.

“It is very exciting that PBA provides funds for research,” Templeton said. “I am so thankful for the money. Without it my research and accomplished goals would not have been possible.”

In 2008, the result of Templeton’s project allowed her to design a course at Palm Beach Atlantic University on teaching pre-service teachers how to teach science by studying and working with elementary students  in science museums.

“This grant presented a fantastic opportunity for research and sharing it with a wider body of scholars in the end.” Templeton said.

PBA student Jenny Boyer, along with another student and faculty member, recently completed a project based on the “Attachment to God” survey. The main focus of the project was personality, anxiety and self-esteem.

“The experience was great,” Boyer said. “It was exciting being at all of the conferences and just knowing that well-known people were there that we were talking to.”

Boyer describes her research process as a valuable learning process.

The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday, Oct. 23. Applications may be downloaded from MyPBA. Those interested may also contact Carolanne Brown by e-mailing:


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