Beacon News: PBA neighbor 1515 Flagler coming down for ‘Modern’

The 30-story eyesore located at 1515 South Flagler Dr. in West Palm Beach has been the topic of debate since it was ravaged by Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne in 2004.

More recently, it has been in the spotlight after its stucco tested positive for asbestos in April. However, more comprehensive tests were performed by sampling 20 random points on the building’s exterior, and those tests returned negative.

Although it may appear that the demolition is proceeding as planned, it is not; the original intention was to implode the building. According to the Palm Beach Post, demolition is moving ahead cautiously with respect to lingering health concerns.

PBA spokeswoman Becky Peeling told the Beacon that PBA is working with the City of West Palm Beach to ensure students’ safety throughout the process.

The building will be replaced with the Modern, a 299-foot tall luxury condominium.


Christina Cernik / Contributing Photographer

Christina Cernik / Contributing Photographer

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