Beacon News: New ‘Express’ rolls to campus

By Jennifer Rodino
Contributing Writer

If you are constantly on the go during the day and can never find time to stop and sit down for a meal, it may be time for you to hop on the Sailfish Express.

The Express, which serves as a mobile option for students, was added by Palm Beach Atlantic University after surveying the student body, and finding out what changes needed to be made on campus when dealing with meal plans and eating options.

The Sailfish Express is a golf cart that holds a variety of options such as pre-made salads, sandwiches, pastries, snacks, energy drinks and Starbucks on-the-go beverages.

The cart is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and usually parks between Vera Lea Rinker and Gregory Halls.

“The Sailfish Express was originally created for the pharmacy students,” said Abbie Rosemeyer, director of Dining Services. “We took a poll and found that a majority of the pharmacy students were finding it difficult to get over to the main side of campus to grab a bite to eat, so we wanted to make sure that there was food options close to their classes.”

Rosemeyer said the future route of the cart depends on how successful it is and where most students are during the day.

“I think that the Sailfish Express is a very convenient idea,” said prepharmacy student Danielle Parenti. “Pharmacy students have a very demanding schedule and it is always hard for us to find breaks between labs and classes to get over to campus for food.”

If the Sailfish Express turns out to be successful, dining services officials are considering proposing another new addition to the meal plan.

Rosemeyer hopes that another place for students to get food may be built near Student Admissions. The size of the future building would be comparable to the Smoothie King “hut” located in City Place, Rosemeyer said.

This will serve “grab and go food,” “heat and serve paninis,” cold drinks, snacks and baked goods. Also, an espresso and smoothie machine may be included.

“We have found that over the years, the students have not been using the flex bucks,” said Rosemeyer. “This eating option will not be a meal swipe; it will only have the option of flex bucks and cash. If this idea gets approved, we would require Southside students to have more flex bucks in their meal plan in order to make the business successful.”

So far, the student response to the Sailfish Express has been positive.

“If this new eating place is built on campus, I would consider purchasing the meal plan with more flex dollars and fewer meal swipes and go there to spend my flex bucks on a regular basis, especially with it being located right next to Southside,” said Southside resident Allysa Barry.

The idea of a new eating option is to locate the building closer to Southside. This way, students in that area will have a spot that is closer to where they live instead of walking to main campus to get food.

This will also come in handy if students are on the go and in the area.

“I think this is a great idea,” said sophomore Danielle Courtney. “There are so many times where I am busy doing homework and do not have the time to walk to main campus to get food. With this eating option being closer to Southside residents, it is easy for us to grab food and bring it back to our room in minutes.”

The Sailfish Express is currently the experiment for the newly developed eating option Rosemeyer hopes to propose. If the Sailfish Express is popular among the students, then the proposal will be made.

Rosemeyer encouraged students to provide PBA Dining Services with feedback about the options currently available and how they may improve, adding that student feedback determines what is implemented on campus.

To fill out an online comment card or to get more information about dining options, visit

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