Beacon News: Francis Chan to visit PBA

By Calvin Hylton
Contributing Writer

Renowned Christian author Francis Chan is the featured speaker at this year’s Christival at Palm Beach Atlantic University, held Sept. 22-24.

Chan is the senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, Calif. He is also author of the books “Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God” and “Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit.”

“Having Francis Chan speak for the entire conference allowed for continuity,” said Campus Pastor Bernie Cueto. “He is a great man of God.”

Christival is an event held each fall by PBA’s Chapel to offer students a compelling way to earn some of their 24 Chapel credits.

Many students enjoy the opportunity.

“[It is] a time to fellowship and worship with other students, faculty and all other persons on campus and also a time to earn some chapel credits,” said PBA junior Jonathan Pullen.

According to Cueto, “Christival has been the longest standing conference at PBA, equal to the Spiritual Life Week.”

The main purpose of Christival, Cueto said, is to “draw students closer to Christ and to also make them devoted followers.”

Cueto emphasized that Christival is so much more than just a quick way to earn Chapel credits. It is an opportunity to worship, reach out to your Creator and interact with other people on campus with whom you normally may not have an opportunity to socialize.

“It also allows for a spiritual communion on a deeper level that oftentimes we as college students may not have the opportunity to have while still offering a great chance to fulfill Chapel credit requirements,” Pullen said.

Freshman Elise Jonassaint said that upon hearing the word Christival, “I think of a celebration of Christ.”

The Chapel hopes that Christival 2009 is even more engaging than last year’s. “Some improvements have been made to this year’s program,” Cueto said.

Jay Boykin, an experienced college worship leader and worship pastor at the Ascent at CityPlace, will once more lead the band for worship.

All sessions will be a dynamic “opportunity for the entire PBA community to wholeheartedly engage God in worship and the word, and it also sets the stage for PBA on a whole to say, ‘Come Holy Spirit. Have your way,’” Cueto said.


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