Beacon Features: Students enjoy the art of dance in Jazz 1 class

By Margot Bevanda
Contributing Writer

Dance is a wonderful form of expression that has been enjoyed and loved by all ages. Ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and ballroom are some of the different styles of dance classes taught here at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Gaynelle Gosselin, adjunct professor of dance at the School of Music and Fine Arts, teaches the Jazz 1 class to 11 students. This energetic dance class meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 2p.m. to 3:15 p.m. at the Vera Lea Rinker Hall.

Margot Bevanda / Contributing Photographer

Margot Bevanda / Contributing Photographer



According to Gosselin, enthusiasm and spunkiness make classroom environment much more enjoyable for the students. Her special attention to detail has allowed for each student to receive the highest quality of learning professional dancing.

The classroom atmosphere brings an immediate relaxation allowing students to further express themselves as individuals in dance.

Jazz class consists of warm ups, intense stretching and unique foot movement which has all been strongly influenced by ballet. They dance to many styles of music ranging from show tunes to hip-hop.
For further information about dance classes contact the Scool of Music and Fine Arts at (561) 803-2428.

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