Beacon Opinion: Which way do I go?

By Luther Hollis
Opinion Editor

The summer of 2009 proved to be news filled for the world. It was a dangerous summer for celebrities, as it seemed Death was lurking in every paparazzi crowd waiting for the perfect shot.

There are mixed signs that the United States and world economies are changing direction, hopefully for the better. Yet there are opinions of others that say America is headed in the wrong direction.

Many businesses reported summer turnarounds in retail sales, and the slumping housing market seemed to rise to one knee. Some things remained the same, such as the continued fiasco of Iraq and the diminishing of American power in Afghanistan.

Don’t let the door hit you…

There seemed to be apparent change of direction, good or bad, that filtered across many lives and countries all over the world. Once I noticed this summer trend of directional change, I started to inventory my own summer experience.

April 27 actually kicked off the summer for me, and was the day I got field goaled from my position at PBA. I had been an employee of Palm Beach Atlantic University since May 13, 2008.


Where is your compass leading you?

Where is your compass leading you?



Somewhere over the course of my employment, the old familiar feeling of job boredom came along to join me. I had no more enjoyment of my position, and I quickly became less punctual and showed up whenever I chose to.

With the state of the economy, I initially had a feeling of shock and anxiety. But who was I kidding; this was not the first job I was ever released from, but it is the last.

Utilizing years of experience with commercial and residential cleaning that my wife and I have, we started a side business back in January 2008. It is a property maintenance business that helped supplement my PBA income.

April 27 changed my motivation level and I vowed to never again have to work for someone else.

Blessing or curse?

Since my release, I have gotten so many “I’m sorry” and “awww” responses to my firing. Why? I’m not sorry.

As I look back, it was the best day of my life; I finally embraced the burning entrepreneurial spirit within me, and am going for what I want in life. I never paid attention to the signs before, but I was born to be an entrepreneur.

I finally stepped forth to start the clothing line that I dreamt of 12 years ago. I now have the time to build the property maintenance business that my wife and I operate. I have time to spend with my children. I don’t just have date nights with my wife; we have date weekends.

What seemed to have been a shabby hand that I was dealt on April 27, turned out to be four smokin’ aces and a king. I am taking this hand and going all in on the new and exciting direction that my GPS (God Positioning System) is taking me.


Four smokin' aces and a king

Four smokin' aces and a king



Are you heading in a new direction? Take a second to examine your life. What do you feel that God wants for you? What do you want in life?

It is a new school year, you are meeting new people and having new experiences. Make sure you are happy with your life’s direction; if not, charter a new course. All it takes is a little faith and perseverance.

In the immortal words of my Cajun friend from “The Waterboy,” “You can do it!”


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