Sewage backup causes Common Ground closure

According to Abbie Rosemeyer, PBA’s Sodexo representative and manager of PBA Dining, on-campus dining facility Common Ground was forced to close yesterday due to a sewage backup.

Rosemeyer stated that she received two calls around 8:30 p.m., one from Angie Johnson, the evening supervisor at Common Ground; and the second from Operations Supervisor Violet Adderley.

“Because we take the health and safety of our students and customers very seriously and because a sewage backup is a serious health concern, those two supervisors followed standard operating procedure and evacuated the restaurant, [and] called Safety and Security to notify them of the problem so that they could notify National Plant Services,” Rosemeyer said.

When National responded to the call, they told employees at Common Ground that the sewage breached several areas in the kitchen due to the heavy rains yesterday afternoon and evening, Rosemeyer said.

However, Rosemeyer plans to investigate further to determine exactly how the breaches occurred.

As for the restaurant’s reopening, Rosemeyer stated that it is ready to serve students now. In a phone call with Rosemeyer this morning, she told the Beacon that all affected areas have been scrubbed with antimicrobial cleansers.

Rosemeyer plans to send out a student listserv soon detailing what happened, and how it will be prevented from happening again.

Rosemeyer said that although she understands that the sudden closure was “very unpopular,” she is proud of her staff for making the decision to shut down.


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  1. Chris

    Good call, Common Ground. Yeesh.

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