Dr. Ken Mahanes leaving PBA, protest coming to campus

In a letter sent to faculty and staff, PBA President Dr. David W. Clark announced that the position of Vice President of Religious Life, currently filled by Dr. Ken Mahanes, will be dissolved, and divisions under Religious Life will be moved to other departments.

As a result, Mahanes will be leaving PBA.

“With a desire to fulfill the Trustee’s mandate for a balanced budget as we move forward, it has become necessary to creatively explore various solutions to meeting these financial challenges,” Clark wrote. “Sadly, this has required us to leave positions unfilled and to eliminate some positions.”

Mahanes, who was a Southern Baptist pastor for over 30 years before coming to PBA, served as interim president before Clark’s hiring. Mahanes expressed to the Beacon that he is very gracious for his time at PBA.

“I have great love for the university, for the people that are here,” Mahanes said. “I have confidence that God has been very faithful to my wife and myself … and he will lead us in the right direction.”

“Truly, we have been blessed by Dr. Mahanes’ talents, humor and gifted ability to relate to the needs of our students and he will be greatly missed,” Clark said in the letter, which was published early this morning on The Bacon Web site.

A Facebook group has been formed in protest of Mahanes’ departure, and a sit-in has been planned to take place on the Rinker Green on Tuesday, May 5, at 11 a.m. The group encourages students to participate in the sit-in by wearing black and making signs. The Beacon Blog will keep you updated on developments as they occur.


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2 responses to “Dr. Ken Mahanes leaving PBA, protest coming to campus

  1. This is a shame.

    Dr. Mahanes represents the best of what an administrator is: competent, accessible, caring. His departure is a loss for the thousands of students who won’t benefit from his wisdom and compassion.

    And what does it mean when a Christian school closes its “Religious Life” department?


    Thanks Beacon for sharing this.

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