Breaking News: Sister of PBA Sodexo employee feared kidnapped

It is feared that the 14 year old sister of a PBA Sodexo employee has been kidnapped in Haiti, said an e-mail sent to the PBA community by Shane M. Collins, Retail Manager for Sodexo.

Fezlaine Chery, sister of Aniece Valcime, disappeared from the family’s home in St. Marks, Haiti yesterday. Valcime’s mother is flying to Haiti tomorrow to attempt to locate her daughter, Collins said in the e-mail.

Prayer is requested for the Valcime family.

Kidnapping has grown into a trade in Haiti, where, according to a 2008 article by BBC News, the unemployment rate stands at 70 percent and kidnappers can easily request thousands of dollars in ransom money. The United States government issued a travel warning at the beginning of 2009, citing the kidnapping of a total of 25 Americans in 2008 as one of many reasons to avoid “non-essential travel” to the poverty-stricken country.

Cheyanne Lent was a member of the Spring Break missions trip that visited Haiti this year.

“When we were staying in the orphanage, the orphange director, Tanya, was telling us one day … how her daughter, named Sabi, back in early 2007 was kidnapped from her house,” Lent said, referring to the orphanage where the team spent their time. The kidnappers held Sabi for four days while the family raised the $15,000 ransom that was demanded.

Photo by Cheyanne Lent / Contributing Photographer

Photo by Cheyanne Lent / Contributing Photographer

Stay tuned to the Beacon Blog for updates.


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