Undercover Youtube video on what would happen if Rinker went co-ed, a must see

About a week ago, the Beacon was tipped off to a Youtube video made by an anonymous student showing a behind the scenes look as to what would happen if Rinker turned into an all boy’s dormitory hall. For the record, Rinker Hall is not becoming a co-ed dorm, and it never has been for that matter despite the subliminal message of the video.

We sat down with the anonymous creator of the video to find out why he or she made the video and why they don’t think the video has offensive content.

Beacon Blog: Who was responsible for putting the video together and why did they decide to make a video like that?

Video Creator: I just thought it would provide a little humor for students. I was hoping people would see it and laugh a little; which is something that seems to happen so seldom. Where have pranks and practical jokes gone other than on The Bacon?

BB: What kind of message are you trying to send with that movie?

VC: Truly, there is no direct message, other than I think if it happened that Rinker went co-ed it would be overthrowing our only male dorm. It was just a creative spin I thought of, I think PBA students would find it and laugh.

BB: What kind of response have you seen with the video?

VC: Well, since I just made it a few days ago, it hasn’t gotten much of a response . I just hope nobody thinks there is an underlying message that should be offending. I have no intentions to offend.

BB: What would you say to those who do find the video offensive? Are you comparing the school administration to Nazi Germany?

VC: Well, I can’t control how people react to things, but If people found the video offensive, they should take a step back. There aren’t curse words, nasty remarks or derogatory statements. No no no no no. I am not comparing the administration to Nazi Germans at all!. I love the administration! I hope they don’t see it that way at all; just see it as if it’s some SNL parody. If it really gets written off as offensive, I’d be happy to remove it, yet sad that PBA is dry of humor 😦



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4 responses to “Undercover Youtube video on what would happen if Rinker went co-ed, a must see

  1. Twitter Thug

    Personally, I found the video to be hilarious. However, many will view the video as an analogy of PBA Admin=Nazi Germany. All I can say is…be on the lookout for the Gestapo. 🙂

  2. That must have been the video you were talking about in the Beacon meeting.
    That is pretty funny, kudos.
    “I will hear Greys Anatomy coming from their televisions!”

  3. Imelderly Marcose

    This was hilarious–thank you for posting this, Beaconblog!

  4. Bored at PBA

    OMG this is hilarious! My room mate and I were watching this and cracking up.
    It’s about time people joke around, makes things more amusing!

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