Michael Moore’s Sicko comes to campus, students hope to start critical dialogue

Academy Award nominated documentarian Michael Moore iSicko posters notorious for ruffling some feathers. Moore’s critics have unleashed years or commentary on the director, everything from being,”unfair,” to “stupid,” and even “immature,” to put it nicely. His 2007 film focused on the American health care system, “Sicko,” did not fail generate the same criticism. The film compares the American health system to a business scam, which Moore claims to be focused on generating a profit rather than actually helping the American people.

Befitting to Moore’s reputation, it’s not wonder that when students propose to show, “Sicko” on the Rinker Green, they are met with some resistance. Several students will be showing the film on Thursday, April 23 at 7:30 p.m. as part of an ongoing “Documentary Discussion Night” event. Along with showing the film, organizers have lined up guests to speak on the issues raised in the film, all in the name of promoting critical discussion. Oh yeah, there will also be free pizza.

We sat down with one of the organizers of the event, junior Ricardo Aguillar, to talk about the event and exactly why faculty have opted not to participate.

Beacon Blog: Why did you want to start an event like this?

Aguillar: I wanted to start a discussion. I don’t want students to believe everything they hear. I want people to critize what they hear. Some professors like the idea of having a documentary shown followed by a talk but some of them do not like the specific movie we are showing so they have decided not to participate.

BB: Why did you choose to play “Sicko?”

Aguillar: Because I want students to go and criticize things on their own. We’re college students and we should be able to analyze whether something is right or not. Universal Health care sounds nice but how does it affect taxes, profit and the lives of people? These are all things we should discuss. If we stay engaged and educated in a topic, maybe we could make a difference.

BB: Why did you choose to address health care as the first issue of discussion?

Aguillar: I think health care has a lot to do with the free market society and government involvement so it is an important issue.

BB: Whom is the event intended for?

Aguillar: The event was opened for only business and political science students; the invitation says it is limited to upperclassmen. But it is open to everyone. We hope that the even will follow through to next year and it will become a regularly occurring thing.

BB: What are you planning for the next event?

Aguillar: I’m not sure yet but I’m thinking about a documentary on Christianity and its disappearance in Europe.



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2 responses to “Michael Moore’s Sicko comes to campus, students hope to start critical dialogue

  1. Um...

    I would not call anything Moore makes a “documentary.”

  2. I am glad to see intelligent dialogue opening up around campus, first with the Socratic Club debate and now with this documentary being shown. It’s important for us as students to understand the views of others. I would suggest that whether you agree or disagree with Moore’s views, you should still attend this viewing. It should bring up some interesting topics for debate.

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