Freebie alert: Chick-fil-A keep your receipt day

Happy Tax Day! In honor of the season, and considering the current economic state of the nation, Chick-fil-A is giving back with their “Keep your Receipt” campaign. Anything purchased today at the Northlake, Gardens Mall, Wellington Mall, or Palm Beach Lakes location is free upon your next visit between April 16- May 15 upon proof of receipt.

This is the second of two “Keep your Receipt” days of the year, the first being on October 15th, also known as Tax Extension Day.

“In these economic times, we are delighted to help take the edge off and offer a free meal to our customers. It should be a busy but fun day,” said owner and operator of the Palm Beach Lakes location, Rob Morris.

The staff at the Chick-fil-A location on Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. has been prepping for the expected crowds to flock the store by stocking up on extra products.

“We’ve been prepared with extensive staff scheduling and making sure we have a lot of food prepared,” said Chick-fil-A Marketing Director, Erin Fields. “Our supplies are fully ordered and we are definitely prepared.”

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