Breaking News for returning students: University makes sure students make it home for Turkey Day

Most of you missed class on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving break this year in order to make it home for Thanksgiving. Considering the amount of empty classrooms, university administration made amends to next year’s academic calendar to ensure that students make it home on time for the national holiday, without having to skip Wednesday classes. But don’t take that as an excuse to skip classes on Monday or Tuesday.

In a statement released to the Beacon student newspaper, PBA’s Provost, Joe Kloba, explains the rational behind the change.

The Faculty Council made a recommendation to the administration that classes not be held on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to enable students to travel to their homes (or to where they will be spending this important holiday) without having to travel in late afternoon or evening, or without having to miss a class. The administration approved this recommendation. This was a sensitive and caring proactive recommendation by faculty to help students. It is hoped that students will receive it as such and will attend classes on Monday and Tuesday of that week as scheduled.

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