Beacon reviews: The Fast & the Furious and its record breaking weekend

Fast and the FuriousIn its opening weekend, the fourth installment of  “The Fast and the Furious ” franchise made a record breaking $72.5 million and became the number one movie of the weekend earning an estimated $102.6 million worldwide. The film took nearly $52 million to make and reunites 2001’s original “Fast and the Furious”  cast including street racing veterans Vin Diesel, Paul Walker,  Michelle Rodriquez and Jordana Brewster. The film already has crushed the franchise’s previous $50.5 million record for “2 Fast 2 Furious,” and became the best movie opening of the year.

The original film followed an undercover cop, played by Walker, who gets involved with a street racing honcho, played by Diesel. Walker befriends Diesel and the street racing lifestyle along with Diesel’s younger sister, played by Jordana Brewster, whom Walker inevitably falls in love with. In the fourth installment, the entire crew is back. This time, Walker joins forces with Diesel and the twosome work together to bring a Mexican drug lord all while racing the streets of LA in the hottest cars. Check out the trailer here.

Beacon contributor Kelsay Skaggs was one of the first fans to catch the latest installment and gives her report of the experience.

You know how sometimes you get super pumped up for a movie and you’re so excited to see it that it ends up being one of the worst movies you’ve ever seen? Well, that was totally not the case Friday night when I went and saw Fast and Furious. It was amazing! I think it was better than the first one.

From the very beginning to the very last shot, it kept the audience at the edge of their seats, threw me for some loops, and made me really want to become a street racer. (Truth be told, I’d be awesome at a street racer.)

I’m a huge fan of the first two movies and I watched them last weekend to get refreshed. For first time viewers, you really don’t need to watch the first two movies to understand the third one but it wouldn’t hurt.

Having the entire cast back from the first movie was awesome! And Vin Diesel and Paul Walker were looking mighty fine as well..

It was a great story packed with action, romance, revenge and of course hot cars and fast driving. The antagonist of the movie was the typical legit bad guy and carried the film into a phenomenal climax. Vin Diesel and Walker make a great team and it shows again in this movie.

Yes, it is the fourth installment but apart from a couple of cheesy lines, this movie was utterly fantastic. I’ll probably go see it again! I give it 5 out of 5 stars!!!



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2 responses to “Beacon reviews: The Fast & the Furious and its record breaking weekend

  1. i still don’t understand what is the appeal of Vin Diesel — it’s gotta be either his gravelly voice or his cool name

  2. Enjoyed reading through this site, I will send this site to a few of my friends

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